Rating System

So I decided to design a rating system for you guys instead of just having boring old stars. I really hope that you like it, because what better way of showing you love something then by giving it a little kiss?
When I review something, at the bottom of the post you should see one of the following below

I hope you guys never see this! It means it was horrible. I can't stand it. I don't recommend this whatsoever. Really hated it.

There was one tiny little thing which was nice but apart from that, this was completely, and utterly terrible.

Didn't like this whatsoever, and do not recommend to anyone.
Not a fan at all of this. Unfortunately, more bad things than good.
Not the worst,  just was pretty far from the best
Meh, it was okay really. 

This just tipped the love/hate scales for me. It was quite good.

I liked this it was interesting, but more needed to be done

Pretty good, but there was that thing that irked me a bit...

This was great! But there was just that one little thing...
I completely loved this to bits! Amazing! Fantastic! Definitely recommending to everyone.