About Rachel

Hi Guys, I'm Rachel (or Rachel-Abbie) and I am a teenager from the UK. I have had a few blogs before, none of which I'd really like to talk about, because that is kind of awkward and embarrassing, haha! They were never really successful because my hobbies and interests continuously change. 
Creativity and Crazy has been around since the beginning of June 2014. I try and post around once a week to once every ten days, ranging from posts on the books I'm reading, Christianity, beauty products and more! Sometimes, let's be honest, that doesn't happen though, because I have school and other commitments (but I can always be found on my social media pages, links are below)
I guess that I am just finding myself and trying to find my place in this crazy, messed up world.
I hope that you like my blog, and you stay long enough for me to show how normal I can be before bursting into laughter or saying something ridiculous!

I really value my readers, and I would love to get to know you all, I try to reply to all my comments and shout outs on social media, and if I am not here, I am most certainly on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Ravelry or Goodreads.

P.S. I have this obsession with cake, strawberry laces and Snapchat filters <3
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