Time Zero by Carolyn Cohagan | Review

May 14, 2018

Time Zero by Carolyn Cohagan

My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

I received this book free for review, but that in no way affects my opinions.

Time Zero by Carolyn Cohagan is a YA dystopian novel based in Manhattan. It is set in a futuristic cult-like society of Christians, who strongly believe in the traditional, patriarchal family stereotype, to the point where women are forced to cover their bodies, aren’t allowed to read, work etc.

We follow 15 year old Mina, who has been secretly learning to read with her Grandma. Unlike everyone else, she doesn’t really believe in everything, she wishes she could lead a more fulfilling life.

Then, when her grandma falls down the stairs and gets hospitalised, Mina is pushed down a path of rebellion and fear, alongside the mysterious convene- Juda.

I thought that this book was really good and a great start to the series. It has a great premise, questioning the idea of ‘what would make women powerless?’

The plot was really good, I think that it was well thought out and everything was considered. I really like the way it progressed but it all felt quite smooth and natural.

I don’t know if I am a fan of Mina- she is a really smart character (sometimes) and you can see that she has a good heart, but she is a really annoying and I definitely don’t approve of all of her decisions. She has her redeeming moments and is very likeable at the start of the novel, it’s more towards the end she is less likeable, particularly around Juda. If you read my status updates, you can see that my opinion of Mina definitely changes up throughout the book.

The characters in general were very well written. It felt like they were really people and were talking to me when I read. Cohagan’s writing style is brilliant and I can tell a lot of care went into creating characters so 3D.

The Mina-Juda relationship was most definitely interesting. I think that the only fault in Carolyn’s writing is the way that Juda and Mina met. It was so strange to read and kind of insta love-y. They wouldn’t have gotten away with that, as far as I am concerned

Overall, I thought that this book was worth 4 stars, I just didn’t really like Mina or the Mina-Juda relationship. I would totally recommend this book, it was a great read.

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