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April 08, 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday. I hope that you are all well and have had a refreshing weekend. Today I have a review to share with you all.

I bought this product sometime last year while trying to find the Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent. I had been using the Astringent as a toner for some time, and I found it very penetrating and effective, but I couldn't find it in stores. I am sure that this product, the Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion, is the astringent renamed and in a different bottle. It smells the same, has the same consistency, feels the same on my skin... I don't know why Clean and Clear chose to rebrand it but it was very confusing for me, as I spent months looking to repurchase an astrigent which was now a lotion.

Can I just say though, this is not a lotion. Please do not think its a lotion despite the name because it is nothing of the sort. It does the opposite of a lotion. Instead of moisturising the skin, it dries it. It's important that people don't pick it up thinking it will moisturise and soften their skin because it will do the opposite. I find it quite misleading and frustrating that it is labelled as a lotion, as it should really be labelled as a toner, and from reading other reviews, I found this was a general consensus.

The smell is strong and quite medicinal, like an antiseptic. My first thought when I smelt it was hospitals. I personally don't mind the smell though, it isn't unpleasant, it is just quite strong. I think that it would be fairly refreshing in the morning.

The lotion/toner/whatever has Salicylic Acid in it, which is an active ingredient, so please keep it away from your eyes, mouth and sensitive areas. I have lightly brushed my eyelashes to remove mascara, but it does sting your eyes so I would recommend doing that. That and the alcohol make your skin tingle and sting a little when you first apply it, but it can be quite refreshing and I don't find it painful at all. It is formulated for sensitive skin and I think that it is gentle enough for this use.

This product is good and removing makeup, but I recommend washing your face and then using this, as it is more effective at getting into your skin and removing makeup lodged in your pores. After washing my face or using a face wipe, I would put a small amount of the product onto a cotton pad and swipe it across my face, paying extra attention and rubbing a bit harder around my nose, because it is spot prone and my largest pores are there.

Like a toner, the product dries out my skin and leaves my face feeling quite tight, so I would recommend using a REAL lotion or moisturiser afterwards. I am currently using Vaseline Cocoa Butter cream but sometimes I will use coconut oil. It is meant to have an "Oil-fighting formula",  so I am guessing that is what it causes my skin to dry out so much, because the natural oils in my skin are being removed. I think that if you are oily, I think that this may be beneficial to you, but as a person with dry skin, I could never apply this without moisturising afterwards.

The product costs £2 in Home Bargains, which is where I bought it from, but you can get it in Savers, Superdrug, Boots and several other stores. I honestly think that this is a bargain as you get 200ml of the toner, which can last a pretty long time. I have had mine for over a year, but at that price I would be happy to stock up.

I think that the product has helped me avoid spots over time, by cleansing deeper into my skin that regular washing and face wipes can. I still do get spots, but it is pretty infrequent and I do believe that this product plays a part in this.

Overall, I like the product. It does what it says on the tin; cleanses, and delves deep into pores, collecting excess residue on the skin. If you have oily or more spot prone skin, I would recommend this product, and I think that I will repurchase it in the future.

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  1. This product sounds really good, i have quite dry skin so i'm not sure i could use it all the time, but i'll definitely look out for it!


  2. I have this product and I use it in the summer when it isn't as dry outside


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