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January 24, 2018

Good Afternoon everyone!

As school and work have started for basically all of us, I wanted to talk about organisation a little bit, and still chat about Christmas by reviewing and unboxing one of my Christmas gifts!

I received this planner for Christmas from my older sister and I want to do a quick flip through and share it with you all.

"Filled with everything you need to help keep you organised throughout the year, the Rose Gold Marble B5 Planner Starter Set is perfect for use at home, school, or at work. Featuring a month-to-view and week-to-view journal, handy month dividers, as well as a number of much needed blank pages for jotting down those important reminders. With stickers, craft tape, and even dainty paperclips to help keep all your important documents stored securely, this desirable stationery set is guaranteed to help you stay on track."

The planner is a Rose Gold B5 Planner with accessories, which is available in The Range exclusively. It's undated, so you can use it whenever you want, unlike diaries specifically made for a year. I like this aspect because sometimes I forget to write things or use it for a week or two, so space isn't wasted or anything.

I will be using this planner for everything; school, home and my blog. This is subject to change, but these are my current intentions because I don't want to purchase another planner or carry around two. Last year I had a PaperChase planner, also given to me by my sister, but it felt very boring as all the pages were plain. Because of this, I didn't feel as encouraged to use it. I like the idea of buying a planner set because it comes with coordinating accessories and it saves you needing to look for things to fit your specific planner. This planner also has a pre-designed interior, which is pretty anyways.

There is another version of this planner which is floral, but I decided to go with the rose gold and dark blue one because it matches my school stationery a bit better. It also has a more subdued colour scheme, whereas the floral version is brighter.

The planner itself is quite small, it is a B5 size. It isn't particularly thick though, so I like that.

The planner is divided by month and has both monthly and weekly views, a space to review goals and blank notes pages. It also comes with a roll of rose gold washi tape, a pad of list sheets, a set of 12 note cards, 8 mini stickers, 12 sticker sheets and 10 paper clips.

I really like the layouts and colour schemes used on the pages, its got a gorgeous colour scheme and theme.

One problem that I have found with the planner is that the pages are off white or cream, instead of pure white, so using tippex or correction fluids and tapes is very noticeable. I used it, then covered it with washi tape and stickers.

There isn't much planning space in the diary because there is so much design, which is a shame. I am hoping that I can make it work with school, but if not I am going to purchase a separate notebook or extra diary, although don't want to.

Also, the coils are fairly flimsy, as the back cover almost fell off the product after using it for a few days. I pushed the coils in tighter myself to keep it together, but I wasn't impressed by that.

Overall, it is a lovely planner and I am looking forward to using it this year!

To buy the planner, click here;

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