My 2017 Birthday Wishlist

March 11, 2017

So, if you didn't know my birthday is on the Sixteenth of April and I am SO excited. Today I am sharing my birthday wishlist, and most years I have shared what I want for my birthday on my blog, as I have found that it also helps a lot of people get ideas for what they can ask for when it is their birthday. The majority of this list has repeated itself from previous years, and not everything is brand specific because it is easier that way.

Disclaimer: Because I get a lot of people asking me what I want for my birthday each year I make a list. I am not trying to "beg" people to buy me things and I am grateful for everything that I get. I'm not spoiled but I am blessed to have people in my life who care about me and are willing to get me these things and even if it isn't on this list and I get it or I get nothing from them, I am still extremely grateful that they are around to celebrate and/or wish me a good birthday.

I actually made a Pinterest board with more specific things and items that I want, so to see that, click here.

Rachel’s Birthday Wishlist

 Money, Gift cards or vouchers- probably the easiest gifts, and then I will probably but something on the list with it. A cinema gift card would be cool, because I don't go the cinema that often but I would if I had a gift card, lol.

Makeup and beauty (I am trying to go cruelty free with my makeup as it is a lot more ethical and kinder to animals and the environment

Indie, cruelty and vegan makeup (from Lush, the Body Shop or online brands)
NSpa and Treacle Moon products
Makeup brushes
Lush Lip scrub


 Personalised bag (Claireabella style)
 A leather strap watch
 Clothes: big hoodies, shoes… (oversized buy 2-3 sizes up, size 8 tops, size 10 trousers, size 6 shoes)
Teddy Bear Robe
 VS Pink tracksuit
 Ivoryella, tentree or walkinlove clothing
 Superhero onesie (superman, please) or animal onesie

Technology +Accessories

 15.6” Laptop Case (marble or snakeskin, or a nice pattern, don’t mind any colour)
 Bridge or DSLR Camera
 Electric toothbrush
 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera and Refills (I don't mind what colour)


 Harry Potter, Throne of Glass adult colouring books (or from any other books that I have read)
 Notebooks (the cutest ones I have seen are in Home Bargains, TKMaxx or Homesense)
 Brush pens for calligraphy

Books + Fandom stuff (I actually love used and preowned books, not just because they are cheaper but I love the idea that someone has read it and passed it on and that we are saving paper and being more eco-friendly)

 The Tokyo Mew Mew Graphic Novel Collection (I don't think that these are printed any longer, so they are probably all preowned)
 Maus 1 and 2 Graphic Novel
 Crafted Van or other fandom things (Etsy stores are best to look)
 Knitting books
 Harry potter Wands or other Ravenclaw things (best to check on Etsy and Amazon)
 The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare


 Wax Tarts for my wax warmer from independent brands (no floral scents please)
 Subscription to Illumicrate, Owl Crate, etc (any yarn, book or stationery subscription boxes)
 Disney Figurines
 Shortbread/other food (best shortbread is from ALDI, and its 49p)
 Ethically sourced products, or things that with each purchase, £X is donated to charity
 Giant Teddy Bear or Beanbag (like the ones in Costco, 4ft+)
Image result for jar of sweets birthday
 Jar of Sweets (DIY by buying a jar and filling it with sweets; I like haribos, strawberry laces etc.) or an ingredients "cookie in a mug" style thing
Water bottle
Smoothie jar (the mason jar one with handles)
A mermaid blanket
Cath Kidston Stuff
Beyoncé, Chance The Rapper, NFrealmusic or Demi Lovato merchandise
Yoghurt maker Candy Floss Maker, Ice Cream Maker, Slushie Maker- because I am lazy and cheap and don't want to buy things or make them from scratch. I've had these on my wishlist since I was 12 or 13 but they are still here because I am a child.
Game of Life Board Game- my friend has this and OMG I LOVE THIS GAME but it means that if I get this I need friends to play it with too...
Journaling Bible- I find journaling bibles really pretty and technically not allowed to buy any more bibles until I have read the whole thing through, but having a journaling bible would be really cool for my devotionals and daily quiet times

I know that this a hell of a lot of stuff (to think that I cut this down) but I hope that it gave you a lot of ideas for what you guys want for your birthdays!

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