Close Your Eyes By Nicci Cloke- Book Review

March 19, 2017

Close Your Eyes by Nicci Cloke

My rating: 5 out of 5

-Just after completing the book.-

I literally don't know what to say. I just spent a good amount of time crying at the end of this book as the feelings of shock and sadness are overwhelming. I am so glad that my favourite character is alive though.
I hope that there is like a short companion novel though, like maybe 3 years on, after GCSE's and A-Levels where the characters are going to uni and we can find out a little more.
Please Nicci? Please?

Some time later-

Okay, I am ready to give a full review now. I am going to start off by saying that I did receive the book for free to review as an arc, but this in no way effects my opinion of it or my review. All thoughts are my own.

This book follows a group of school friends; Aisha, Gemma, Remy, Elijah, Elise and Ash (probably someone else but I am pretty sure that is it). It is set in the U.K., in a school in the South-West of England called Southfield High, where the group is about to do their GCSE's, and are in their final year before sixth form/college.

We are told at the beginning of the book that there is a shooting and then we backtrack to the beginning of the year when things begin to change between the group.

This book deals with such a serious topic and so easily could have been done wrong, however Cloke made the novel so thoughtful and engaging and realistic. She was also able to add so much to the plot in terms of how everyone was feeling and thinking. The struggle of trying to decide your future, friendship and dating issues are all something that teens go through and she made the book so relatable.

I really loved this book. It gave me huge range of emotions and I really got deep into the story. I definitely cried and locked my Kobo and unlocked it a lot because I struggled to deal with my emotions.

I was really surprised this was a debut novel, and Nicci Cloke is really one to watch because if all of her books are like that, she will be in my top 3 with Jandy Nelson and Nicola Yoon.

I am most definitely gushing but I am really loved this book. I would recommend it to everyone

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*I received this book free for review, however this does not change my opinion and all thoughts are my own.

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