New Years Resolutions and Progress Update

February 01, 2017

I haven't shared or talked about my New Years Resolutions on my blog since this post in 2015 and my first one in 2014. I wanted to do a small progress update though, to see how I am getting along with my Resolutions and share a little more about how I am going to achieve more of them in the next month.

I wanted to sort of hold myself accountable for My New Years Resolutions this year so I decided that maybe every month or two I would share with you all how they are coming along! 
I know that I didn't share much about what my NYR's are earlier in the year, but I wanted to make sure that I was going to try and achieve them before sharing them all!
Over the years I have made more and more resolutions for myself. This is probably because I feel like I know what I want to achieve as I get older.

My Resolutions are separated into sub-categories; Social, Reading, Health, A Better Me and Other. This really helped me when I was deciding on my Resolutions (I have also colour coded them in the same way that I did in my diary. Some are similar/the same as previous years, because I enjoyed the challenge or I have more motivation to achieve it now!



Meet a Famous/Important Person
Hang out with my Friends at Least Once a Month
Start Sending and Receiving Encouragement Cards
Be a better Friend
Meet New People


Read 30 books
Do a reading challenge
Finish 2 Series
Stop returning books late to the library


Be able to do the splits
Practise mindfulness
Take Vitamins
Exercise Everyday
Get 8 hours of sleep each night
Fuel my body with better food
Drink 2l of water every day

A Better Me

Start a gratitude journal
Learn something new every week
Declutter/ keep my space organized
Get in touch with God more often
Save money
Be more productive with my time
Have a better attitude towards life


Write and revise a novel draft
Get a job
Have a wardrobe that I am proud of


I guess that is what everyone is here for? In the future it will not be as long as this, I will only be writing about what Resolutions I have been completing.


Meet a Famous/Important Person- Haven't done that yet!
Hang out with my Friends at Least Once a Month- I chose this as a Resolutions as I can be antisocial sometimes and I feel like I need to be more proactive in my friendships. I am happy to say that I have hung out with two of my friends this month, and I have planned to meet up with a few more.
Start Sending and Receiving Encouragement Cards- I honestly forgot about this one!
Be a better Friend- I'm trying! And honestly I think that I am doing a better job than last year.
Meet New People- I've meet maybe one or two new people, but this is definitely a goal of mine.


Read 30 books- I've read 6 so far, I am on my 7th! I am very proud of myself as I am really enjoying reading again and the past years have been quite slow.
Do a reading challenge- I have one planned for March or a Summer month, right now I am quite busy.
Finish 2 Series- Or you can start 3. Oh wait! Does Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Count? I read that!
Stop returning books late to the library- Or Read books on your own shelves. And review a couple for the blog.


Be able to do the splits- Haven't tried
Practise mindfulness- What's that again?
Take Vitamins- LOL
Exercise Everyday- LOL
Get 8 hours of sleep each night- I had a few sleepless nights but overall this went well.
Fuel my body with better food- I'm getting better, extremely slowly. No thanks to my friends who geniunely eat rubbish. Seriously I want to see one of them eat a pear one day
Drink 2l of water every day- Or not

A Better Me

Start a gratitude journal- I did start this and I have a few entries! Pretty pleased with myself!
Learn something new every week- That's what school is for
Declutter/ keep my space organized- I have actually done a good job of keep my room pretty tidy
Get in touch with God more often- One of my greatest January successes. I am really happy that I accomplished this.
Save money- Did this okay...
Be more productive with my time- I'll try again next time
Have a better attitude towards life- I am a naturally cynical person


Write and revise a novel draft- She hasn't even tried
Get a job- I want to accomplish this around April, just after/before my birthday
Have a wardrobe that I am proud of- I did get some clothes for Christmas that I like. But then I ripped my favourite Levi's...


Use my diary more- I found it so useful in the first weeks of the month and now that use is draining....
Start doing exercise- I have found a few on Pinterest that I want to do. 
Knit a pair of socks- Something I haven't wanted and tried to do for a while, but kept on snapping my DPN's.
Send an encouragement card
Meet 3 new people
Drink at least one bottle of water a day
Be more productive!
Put a bit more effort into joining twitter chats and things blogging related. (we all know that you were waiting for that one)
Read 6 books (I don't want to push myself too much)

Sorry that this post is so long, my next updates will be significantly shorter!

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  1. That's a lot of great goals and congrats on your progress! I've been meaning to do an update post on my one but things just keep getting in the way. At least I'm meeting my goals XD

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you are meeting your goals x


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