What I Got For Christmas | #APOVGiftSwap

January 15, 2017

Today I thought that I would share about What I Got For Christmas last year, from the lovely Marisa from Marisa Thorne!

So I joined in the #APOV gift swap last year and I really had a lot of fun! I did make a post on it; here, but in summary it is a blogger Christmas gift swap!

I was paired with the lovely Marisa from Marisa Thorne and after exchanging a few emails, she got me some wonderful things! I think that I might be missing something out but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is, but thank you so much Marisa for all of the amazing things that your got me.
The first thing that I got were some awesome Superdrug face masks. These are so fun and sweet smelling. I have used one or two before but that was a while ago, so I look forward to using these!

Next are the set of two Cleansing Pads. I had no idea what these were before but I after reading up on them these are silicone face exfoliants (I think that is a word) and they work alongside your cleanser to give your skin a deep clean. I have one in my bathroom now that I am using, but with my memory I do forget to use it sometimes, but I use it and it does make it easier to clean my face.

I have mine downstairs but I constantly forgot to take a photo of it until I have the worst lighting but next I received a great yoghurt jar! I don't think that I will use this for yoghurt right now but I will definitely find a use for it when I need to eat my breakfast on the go!

The final thing is the Lush Buttercup gift set which smells SO GOOD. I am so happy with it and I haven't just yet used it, but when I do I will probably write a review.

So once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Marisa! I love everything that you got me and it was so kind of you to get me such lovely things.
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