Frost Blood by Elly Blake- Book Review

January 11, 2017

Frostblood by Elly Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book for free from the author to review, however all opinions are my own and the review is completely unbiased.

Frostblood by Elly Blake is the first book in the series and tells the story of Ember, a teenage Fireblood, a hated race of people who have the ability to wield fire to their will. She had hidden her abilities well from the Frostbloods, who knowing her powers would send the royal army out to arrest and kill her, with the help of her mother, until the day she is captured by the evil Frostblood people.

She is rescued by a group of Frostbloods, who want to use her for a gruesome, dangerous task.

I enjoyed the book a lot! I liked the premise and I thought that it was well structured and played out.
Blake's writing style is really good, and the characters felt very three dimensional and I wanted to cheer them on almost all the time.

The reason that this book has not gotten five stars is because of the Romance. I really didn't understand the love interest in the novel, it didn't really mesh and the characters are too different in my opinion to fall in love.
The book also has similar plot lines to books that I have read before. I will not name names, but it is another popular book which is by a NY Times Bestselling Author. I have actually read other reviews of the book and other bloggers and reviewers have also recognised the likeness, so it is definitely there. I dislike comparing books in such a way but there are some uncanny themes that spark up in both of books, so it can be hard to deny those similarities. I find that disappointing because the book is really well written but a lot of what happened in it has been done before.

Yesterdays #bookmail I got both of these beauties from @chapter5books and @hodderbooks (thank you!) I had no idea that they were coming but I am super excited to receive them! 💙❤️ I received Frostbite by @elly_blake and Caraval by @stephanie_garber and both come out in January 2017! CARAVAL is about two sisters, Scarlett and Tella who live on an island called Trisda, but really want to go to see a show called Caraval which is on a different island. Magical events ensue! #caraval FROSTBLOOD is a debut novel by Elly Blake and is the first book in a series and follows seventeen year old Ruby who can wield fire and heat! However her powers are unpredictable and must be hidden, until a group of rebels find her and she is included in a plot against the King! #frostblood I am very excited to read these! The books are gorgeous too for proofs!
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Overall, I did enjoy the book, it was really good. I would definitely recommend it to fans of fantasy but I would beware of the similarities and try to think of the novel as it's own thing; separate from other bestsellers. I definitely think that Blake is one to watch; her writing is extraordinary.

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