6 Indie Wax Sellers That I want to Buy From | Christmas Gift Guide

December 04, 2016

I thought that I would share another post about Wax Melts or Tart melts or Tarts or whatever they are called today. I have recently been checking out some independent sellers on etsy and Instagram and as it is the Christmas season, I thought that I would share a post about buying wax melts from these vendors, who make their wax melts by hand and work really hard to produce them. Buying from Independent brands and sellers is important to me as you are directly helping someone and not just endorsing a huge company.

I think that these wax melts will also make brilliant gifts for those who are looking for presents for friends! They are very affordable, but thoughtful and fun!

Maddisons Melts

I love her packaging and I can see that loads of her scents are foodie which I love! Her packaging is also really cute (I love the different jars that she has and all of her wax melts come in cute shapes. Some stores don't use moulds to make their wax melts but I think that it is really cool that the owner of this shop takes the time to take that extra step.

Ambrosial Boutique

Ambrosial Boutique - luxury handmade wax melts
In my head (and probably in their store) Ambrosial boutique has literally every types of wax melt that you can buy. That adds extra versatility and if you have a preferable type of wax melt then you can purchase that. They have a massive range of scents and that is definitely awesome. Plus they are vegan!

Georgia Lee Candles

I have been following Georgia Lee Candles on Instagram for a long time and her scents sound amazing! I think that the range of Christmas scents that she has out now are awesome and I definitely want to try a few of her wax melts.


I also have followed UMeltMe on Instagram and they sell Soy and Beeswax blend wax melts in some awesome scents. Right now there are a lot of Christmas and Winter scents like Hot Chocolate, Creme Brulee and Toffee Apple which I would like to try but they also have a lot of other scents which are all year round (I saw them on their facebook page but they are not shown in their shop)

Scented Candle Heaven

Sometimes I wonder if I would be more in love with the foods that the scents are inspired by or the actual melts themselves. I mean, Cotton Candy Cocktail? Banana Strawberry Cream?
Scented Candle Heaven does affordable wax melts in great sounding scents as well as mystery packs, grubbies and pots.

Teri's Tea Lights and Melts

I think that Teri's Melts might be a fairly new store, but I am not too sure. They sell their wax majorally in singles for about 25p, which I think is good because you can try them out before placing a larger order.

If you are interested, I would love to do some more of these posts for you, so please let me know!

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  1. Have you heard of Vintage Chic Scents (www.vintagechicscents.com)? It's amazing.


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