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December 14, 2016

Today, I am helping Author Jeff Altabef launch his new book Red Death! 

I was giving this book free for review and I really enjoyed it, so I hope that you all like this post, the review of Red Death will be premiering soon! 


To celebrate, we've got prizes, sales and more! Check it all out below, and don't forget to pick up your copy of Red Death. If you love action packed YA adventures, or Jeff's other YA books like the Chosen Series, we know you'll love this title too!

Exclusive Blogger only Interview with the Author

We asked author Jeff Altabef 3 questions you won’t see anywhere else besides our tour. They’re fun,
NP: Thanks for offering some extra questions for our bloggers Jeff! 
First, what’s your favorite meal and drink? JA: Coffee and chocolate! I'm not sure what that says about me. My favorite time to write is in the morning so coffee is a no-brainer. My mind can't start to function without my first cup of Joe. I also like to write in coffeehouses from time to time when I need a little more energy and can feed off of those around me. So when in Rome! I have a pumpkin stuffed with tootsie rolls on my desk. It's a terrible habit that I quit from time to time, but it keeps coming back. I just grabbed another one! I'd like to say my favorite writing food is something healthy like kale, but I won't lie, and I hate kale!
NP: Some of our staff have a love hate relationship with chocolate and coffee too! I bet that’s pretty common with our bloggers too. Now, the next question is tough, but do your best! Who was your favorite Character to write in Red Death?
JA: This is such a hard question to answer. I really feel such a close connection to all of these characters, that choosing one is a bit of a "Sophie's Choice." I loved to write Piers. I thought he was such a deep character and certainly Aaliss was a lot of fun. She's a really strong character that most people love. The Viper and the High Priest were also a lot of fun. I always love dwelling on the nasty characters, but my favorite character to write was probably Wilky. I did a bunch of research before starting to make sure I captured someone with his condition just right. In many ways, he's the real hero of the series. Now I feel bad that I didn't mention Eamon or P'mina. Argh!
NP For such a tough question you did a really good job of explaining why so many characters in Red Death are loveable. Last but not least, and it may be another head-banger...who are your favorite authors?
 JA: This is a tough question too! I love a wide variety of genres. Really everything from thrillers (Dean Koontz), to historical fiction (Bernard Cornwell), to mysteries (Jonathan Kellerman) and even horror (Steven King). In the Young Adult genre I really like the characters Sarah J. Maas writes in the Glass Throne series. They come across as strong and memorable. I absolutely loved the End of Days series by Susan Ee. Her dystopian world and the use of angels was totally brilliant. I love the first person voice Joelle Charbonneau writes in the Testing Trilogy. She was a huge help when writing the Chosen Trilogy. Still, if I had one writing wish and could write like anyone, I'd choose Christopher Moore. He makes writing funny characters and situations seem effortless. I love his books! Wow, those are some really interesting authors, and definitely diverse. I bet you’ve introduced our readers to some great new authors! Thanks again for doing our interview Jeff! You can sign up to Jeff Altabef’s newselter and get a FREE short story at:

Exclusive Excerpt!

Chapter 5 – Eamon
Eamon studied the faces around the campfire, worry etched on his own as he wondered whether this would be the last time they would all gather together. He sat between his two older brothers, King Dermot and Prince Fintan. Dermot had lived six winters more than Eamon had, and Fintan one, yet he was the planner and worrier. Often he wished he could be more like them, but he never stopped fretting about tomorrow, the next season, the next winter. All the council members, twelve in total, joined them this night, forming a loose circle around a campfire that had started to lose its intensity. They met in the Courtyard, in the middle of the Stronghold, a small city protected by a sturdy stone wall. The Stronghold stood in the center of Dermot’s kingdom between the Outpost to the north and the Settlement to the south. When Eamon realized everyone had stopped talking and were looking at him, he remembered what they had been discussing. “We’ll have to slaughter more cattle this year. The tribe’s grown since last winter.” The answer was obvious to him. “The herd’s also added numbers this year, my Lord,” added Keenan, the Cattle Master. Built broad and strong like a steer, he had been Cattle Master for three years, and Dermot trusted him. “I reckon we could cull the herd by another twenty over last year and still maintain the size.” All eyes turned toward Dermot. His reign had already lasted six years, almost an eternity. The Sword of Power lay across his lap, a long sword so heavy that it required two hands to wield it in battle. Its blade gleamed in the firelight, and the many rubies in the gold and silver hilt sparkled brilliantly. An inscription, written in a language no one understood, ran down both sides of the blade and glimmered in the firelight. The smithies could no longer make a weapon like the Sword of Power. That knowledge had been lost. They made other swords, fine ones, victorious ones, but none so grand. Only the King could wield the Sword of Power, the tribe’s finest.

Check out these great prizes from author Jeff Altabef, including a six month Kindle Unlimited Subscription! Did you know we offer exclusive reviewer prizes for tours just like this one? Want in on it? Sign up to Novel Publicity's Newsletter for more great review opportunities!

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Advanced Praise for Red Death

  Not sure if Red Death is for you? Take a look at this advanced praise from MidWest Book Reviews and The US Review. “Red Death will appeal to a wide audience since it has something for everyone. It's action-packed, with plenty of chases and fights for those who enjoy adventures and drama. There are enough twists to surprise those who are intrigued by political intrigue, suspense, and cliffhangers. Amid kingdoms to unite, princes to save, and lives on the line, there is also a playful romance sprinkled throughout for those who desire some lightheartedness.” Maria A. Hughes, The US Review "...[A] thought-provoking saga about belief systems and religion, courage, adaptability, greed and goals of ruling humnaity, and a seemingly juggernaut of change that rolls over everyone in its path....[P]erfect for readers who appreciate the complex worlds and feisty protagonists of The Hunger Games and similar novels." Pick of the Month for November, Midwest Book Review

About the Book

What happens when everything you believed turns out to be a lie? Every child of Eden fears the Red Death. All those afflicted with the plague die young, their souls stripped away as punishment for ancient sins long forgotten. For centuries, Guardians have protected Eden from the Red Death by killing outsiders who stray too close. Seventeen-year-old Aaliss is a highly-trained Guardian, but when her rather odd thirteen-year-old brother, Wilky, discovers a cure to the plague, her world turns upside down. Branded as traitors by the corrupt High Priest, Aaliss and Wilky are forced to seek refuge in the last place Aaliss thought she'd ever go—beyond the boundaries of Eden and into the land of the Soulless. Here they must navigate a medieval world filled with witches, magic, and warrior kingdoms run by Elders only a few years older than her. Aaliss yearns to return home, but when her heart tugs her deeper into the world of the Soulless, she questions everything she once believed. Has her soul been taken? Will she and Wilky fall victim to the Red Death, or might they die sooner in the center of a battle that threatens to tear apart the Soulless world? Or... might Aaliss finally find, against all odds, what her heart has yearned for all along?

About the Author

headshotJeff Altabef is an award-winning author who lives in New York with his wife, two daughters, and Charlie the dog. He spends time volunteering at the writing center in the local community college. After years of being accused of “telling stories,” he thought he would make it official. He writes in both the thriller and young adult genres. In the Young Adult genre, Jeff co-authored the Chosen Trilogy with his teenaged daughter, Erynn. The Chosen Series has won multiple awards including the 2015 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for Best Coming of Age Novel, the 2015 Beverly HIlls Book Award for Best YA Fiction, and a Mom's Choice Award. As an avid Knicks fan, Jeff is prone to long periods of melancholy during hoops season. Jeff has a column on The Examiner focused on writing and a blog designed to encourage writing by those who like telling stories. You can connect with Jeff on his website, Facebook, Twitter & Newsletter.


Bookish Christmas Gift Guide 2016

December 11, 2016

In today's post I thought that I would share a Bookish themed Christmas wishlist for those of you looking for ideas of what to ask for this Christmas or for anyone shopping for a Book Lover! 

To All The Boys I've Love Before by Jenny Han

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the story of Lara Jean, who has never openly admitted her crushes, but instead wrote each boy a letter about how she felt, sealed it, and hid it in a box under her bed. But one day Lara Jean discovers that somehow her secret box of letters has been mailed, causing all her crushes from her past to confront her about the letters: her first kiss, the boy from summer camp, even her sister's ex-boyfriend, Josh. As she learns to deal with her past loves face to face, Lara Jean discovers that something good may come out of these letters after all.

Lobsters by Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen

Sam and Hannah only have the holidays to find 'The One'. Their lobster. But instead of being epic, their summer is looking awkward. They must navigate social misunderstandings, the plotting of well-meaning friends, and their own fears of being virgins for ever to find happiness. But fate is at work to bring them together. And in the end, it all boils down to love.

Barnes And Noble Leatherbound Classics Collectible Editions

This isn't one book, but instead a range of collectible editions of popular classics made by Barnes and Noble. I think that these are gorgeous and would make perfect gifts for people who you don't necessarily know that well but what to buy them a thoughtful gift. They range in price, depending on what book you are purchasing, so be sure to have a clear budget before buying.
A list of all the books with their covers;

Vendetta by Catherine Doyle

When five brothers move into the abandoned mansion next door, Sophie Gracewell's life changes forever. Irresistibly drawn to bad boy Nic, Sophie finds herself falling into an underworld governed by powerful families. When Sophie's own family skeletons come to life, she must choose between two warring dynasties - the one she was born into, and the one she is falling in love with. When she does, blood will spill and hearts will break 

Penguins Clothbound Classics Collection

This is another recommendation of pretty classics, which would make beautiful gifts. These are clothbound and made by Penguin. and you can buy author collections like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen if you know that the person you are buying for likes a particular author.

The Mortal Instruments Box Set

In City of Bones, fifteen-year-old Clary Fray is introduced to the world of the Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of warriors dedicated to driving demons out of our world. And she's introduced with a vengeance, when Clary's mother disappears and Clary herself is almost killed by a grotesque monster sent by the evil and powerful Shadowhunter, Valentine. How could a mere human survive such an attack. 
This box set is new and matches the new design of the book spines. This would be good if the person you are buying for hasn't finished the series or you want a more expensive gift.

Maze Runner and Heroes Of Olympus Box Set

Set in a post-apocaltyptic dystopian future, The Maze Runner is a New York Times best-selling series and is a successful movie franchise. This book set also includes a prequel accompanying the original Maze Runner Trilogy. 
All five books in the Heroes of Olympus series -- in a paperback boxed set of heroic proportions. From The Lost Hero to the long awaited Blood of Olympus, this collection will thrill loyal readers and be a go-to gift for new fans of the bestselling series. With five books in one package, no one will miss a minute of the excitement.
When you buy online, you can get both of these box sets from the Works for £22!

We Were Liars By E. Lockhart

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.
We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from New York Times bestselling author, National Book Award finalist, and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart. 

I hope that this is helpful and gives you lots of ideas of what to buy people for Christmas this year!

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3 Highlighters that I Want To Own

December 06, 2016

Today I have a short post on some Makeup Highlighters that I would love to try. I actually don't have many highlighters at all so this is really just me wishful thinking.
In the run up to Christmas I thought I would do more wishlist style posts so that people can get some good ideas for gifts for friends and family. I hope that you enjoy this post and find it useful!

The Wet 'n' Wild Colour Icon Rainbow Highlighter

The Highlighter is a rainbow. ITS A RAINBOW AND IT IS $5.99. Who doesn't want this?

Peach Lights By Makeup Revolution

Image result for peach lights makeup revolution
I really want a pink toned highlighter and this one by Makeup Revolution is affordable, has good reviews and is very pretty!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sundipped

This palette is constantly raved about because of the pigmented colours. I would love to try it!

Lust List

6 Indie Wax Sellers That I want to Buy From | Christmas Gift Guide

December 04, 2016

I thought that I would share another post about Wax Melts or Tart melts or Tarts or whatever they are called today. I have recently been checking out some independent sellers on etsy and Instagram and as it is the Christmas season, I thought that I would share a post about buying wax melts from these vendors, who make their wax melts by hand and work really hard to produce them. Buying from Independent brands and sellers is important to me as you are directly helping someone and not just endorsing a huge company. 
I think that these wax melts will also make brilliant gifts for those who are looking for presents for friends! They are very affordable, but thoughtful and fun!

Maddisons Melts

Image result for maddisons melts
I love her packaging and I can see that loads of her scents are foodie which I love! Her packaging is also really cute (I love the different jars that she has and all of her wax melts come in cute shapes. Some stores don't use moulds to make their wax melts but I think that it is really cool that the owner of this shop takes the time to take that extra step.

Ambrosial Boutique

Ambrosial Boutique - luxury handmade wax melts
In my head (and probably in their store) Ambrosial boutique has literally every types of wax melt that you can buy. That adds extra versatility and if you have a preferable type of wax melt then you can purchase that. They have a massive range of scents and that is definitely awesome. Plus they are vegan!

Georgia Lee Candles

I have been following Georgia Lee Candles on Instagram for a long time and her scents sound amazing! I think that the range of Christmas scents that she has out now are awesome and I definitely want to try a few of her wax melts.


I also have followed UMeltMe on Instagram and they sell Soy and Beeswax blend wax melts in some awesome scents. Right now there are a lot of Christmas and Winter scents like Hot Chocolate, Creme Brulee and Toffee Apple which I would like to try but they also have a lot of other scents which are all year round (I saw them on their facebook page but they are not shown in their shop)

Scented Candle Heaven

Sometimes I wonder if I would be more in love with the foods that the scents are inspired by or the actual melts themselves. I mean, Cotton Candy Cocktail? Banana Strawberry Cream?
Scented Candle Heaven does affordable wax melts in great sounding scents as well as mystery packs, grubbies and pots.

Teri's Tea Lights and Melts

I think that Teri's Melts might be a fairly new store, but I am not too sure. They sell their wax majorally in singles for about 25p, which I think is good because you can try them out before placing a larger order.

If you are interested, I would love to do some more of these posts for you, so please let me know!

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