All About My Glade Wax Melts Warmer

October 27, 2016

Hello lovelies,
So I didn't do a "What I Got For Christmas" blog post last year but one of awesome presents that I got was something that I really wanted and would have bought myself, which is the Glade Wax Warmer! Thank you L for getting this for me, you are amazing!

The warmers (also called tart burners or tart melts) make great gifts and they are used as an alternative to candles, (which FREAK me out, so weird I know but that's me). You can buy little wax tarts or melts to put inside of the warmer, turn it on and let them melt to allow a beautiful scent to fill your house. Its also a lot cheaper as the warmer retails for only £6 in most places and a set of wax melts are super affordable, ranging from pennies to about £4, depending on who you are buying from. The wax warmers are also a lot safer than candles as there is no open flame to burn down your home, because that would be awful. Also, when you have a weak scent, the fragrance isn't overpowered by the smell of smoke or burning. They are also great room decor!
I use mine more in the winter months and in cooler evenings because the aroma of the different scents are amazing and I need to be able to appreciate them. I think it fills the whole criteria of a cozy evening with the warm blankets and sweet smells and the English rain outside- I'm totally rambling now lol. The point is that I love them so much!

I was also lucky as one of my other friends, A, (and not "A" from Pretty Little Liars, I don't want to be friends with him/her/them) bought me a few Yankee Candle wax tarts for my birthday back in April too! Thank you!
I also have seen that there is an entire youtube community who is into wax tarts. Unfortunately, the majority is in the USA so I can't get that many recommendations but I noticed that there are some independent wax tart makers who I really want to try out in the future. 

This was more of an introduction, but I am looking to do some more posts on little Wax Tart Hauls, collections and wishlists!
I hope that you enjoyed this post and come back for more.

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