A Writer's Point of View- Guest Post by Natasha Murray

October 14, 2016

There is only a small intro from me today as we are going to have a guest post from the amazing author Natasha Murray. I hope that you enjoy it!
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A Writers Point of View by Author Natasha Murray

Books, the love of reading and poetry might scare you and the prospect of reading a thick volume may be overwhelming. What nobody tells you, is that words can take you into a parallel universe. Without realising it, you are taken to a unique place that will inspire, challenge and thrill you. That is just what I hope to do when I write. I have to be creative with words, have a clever plot, an intriguing character or two and an imaginary landscape to take you on a journey of a lifetime.

With 3004 and 3006, I take you on a voyage into the future. Through the eyes of two teenage boys Kayleb Heinz and Rowan Gellpen you are sucked into an overpopulated world, our world, on the brink of disaster. How would you feel if you were cast out of society and left to fend for yourself in the wilderness with very little hope of surviving? How would you feel if all that was familiar to you was taken away from you? Would you just give up, lie down and die or would you find a way to continue?

So when I wrote these books, set nearly 1000 years ahead, I presumed that we will be over populated. Everyone will live in apartment buildings with crops growing on the roof tops and in any spare space. We will all be hungry. Cities will be so huge that they will cover, in some cases, a whole country. London will cover the whole of England. England is protected by an invisible shield. The shield is there as protection from terrorists and from criminals.  Lawbreakers, are cast out of the cities and into the wilderness. The Isle of Wight hosts ‘lifers’, A-class criminals, murderers and the insane, who are left there to fend for themselves.  Thieves and anarchists, ‘wasters’ are sent to the wilderness around London, to live a feral life style.

With over-population, there is bound to be shortages of resources that we take for granted. I believe oil will be unavailable to most. Metals and plastics will be rare, so there will be no cars or aircraft. We will have to recycle what we have and make do and mend.

London will be run by a secret underground society, who created software named the “Think Tank Programme”, which, over time, has orchestrated a communistic life style, due to the lack of resources, the rise of the Aids II virus and the decline of man.  Love and sexual relationships are banned, it’s rumoured that women, have hideous bodies beneath their clothes.  Only mentor partnerships are permitted, with one child and occasionally two lab reared children allocated to them.
At the age of sixteen, boys become ‘taskers’, they are taken into the wilderness and have to find their own way home.  This story is about two taskers, Kayleb and Rowan and their struggle to return to London. It is about their emotional journey as well as all the challenges they face.  They did not question their lives before their task but as the weeks pass, they realise that all is not what it seems!

Two years on….3006

In 3004, millions of Veenans came to Earth seeking sanctuary. Two years later, resources and food are at critical levels. The Think Tank Program, used to run the nation, has been corrupted. Commander Conrad Heinz, faces assassination if he does not carry out its cruel orders. All fear being cast out into the wilderness beyond London’s invisible shield.

Kayleb Heinz has become disillusioned with London’s strict rules. Things must change, if we have any chance of surviving. Can Ana Bambi show him the way or will she lead him astray?

Rowan Gellpen, Kayleb’s old school friend, has been charged with murdering two Veenans. He must do his best to survive on the Isle of Wight, an open prison - home to vicious lifers.

10 year old Jack Solar is a waster and lives in the Welsh wilderness. He spends a lot of his time dreaming about getting into London.
Tensions are rising between Londoners and Veenans. Can David, the Veenan leader, make up for all the misery he has brought?

Is this our future? What will become of us all?

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