The Best Affordable Body Sprays

September 18, 2016

We've all spent ages looking for inexpensive body sprays, mists and spritzes. I personally love them, especially the most affordable ones that I can find. They can 

So I posted this photo on my Instagram a while ago and did say that I was going to write a post. I was planning of getting this out in the Summer, but oh well. Better late than never.
Not many people know this about me, but I really dislike wearing perfumes. I have always found them very overwhelming and I feel like they are all concentrations of the same ingredients. I literally can't tell the difference between 80% of perfumes. I do have a few, which I might do a post on, but I hardly wear them.
If anyone has any good perfume recommendations, let me know in the comments.

Boots Natural Collection Mango and Papaya Body Spray

I think that the Natural Collection range by Boots is discontinued which is a real shame because I love this product! My sister bought it for me a while ago for Christmas I think alongside the Vanilla Body Spray. I love the fresh, fruity scent of this and it lasts quite a long time. It does get weaker but it lasts a long time. It is also super inexpensive, as it is own brand range, I think that is was priced at £2-3. 

I love... Strawberries and Cream Body Spray

I genuinely love this spray! I repurchased this a while ago and I have a feeling that it may have featured in one of my monthly favourites. You can find this in Primark, Superdrug and on their website. The scent is spot-on strawberries and cream and I love the fact the bottle is so small (although I sometimes wish it came in a larger size though!). I take this to school with me so I can use it on warmer days or when I want a little spritz.

Victoria's Secret Untamed Body Mist

This is probably one of my top fragrances, of all time. I got this for my birthday from a friend and I think that I am now addicted to VS body sprays. I used to think that they were very expensive, but they last a pretty long time. Also Victoria's Secret do great deals so you could get more than one for a discounted price. The scent of this is pretty fruity and sweet and I wear it a fair amount of the time, although that isn't noticeable because it looks like I have barely touched it!

I hope that you have liked my post on the most affordable body sprays that I have. Please suggest me new body mist/spritz scents in the comments!

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  1. I looooveeeee the VS body sprays too! Another good one is by bath and body works called "hello beautiful." I'm obsesseddd with it. I just found your blog btw its really nice keep up the good work :)

  2. I haven't been able to find the natural collection body sprays in a while as that's my favourite as well 😕 My favourite VS body spray is pure seduction and I'm currently using the strawberries and cream body spray, it smells amazing!

    Tasha x

  3. The only body mists i have tried from this list are the one from Victoria's Secret. They are pretty famous and quite often all over instagram. I hadn't heard of the other two but it is great to discover new brands! xx corinne

  4. Body sprays are always the best! I love the Victoria Secret sprays but haven't tried the boots ones as of yet. So next time I'm in boots I will definitely be picking up and trying the mango one!


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