Nemesis Blog Tour and Eygptian Inspired Make Up Tutorial +Tips

September 24, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing an Eygptian inspired makeup tutorial to celebrate the release of the book Nemesis by the amazing Anna Banks.
I was challenged with the task of making an egyptian makeup tutorial to go with the Eygptian inspired setting of the novel. I can say that this wasn't easy but the end result was amazing and not very difficult to achieve!

In a summary of my review, which for the sake of keeping this post short will be published on the release date of the book, I really enjoyed reading the novel and the characters were very cool and realistic, although the book is fantasy. I love Sepora, the protagonist and the duel perspective between her and Tarik, the male protagonist. I feel like she didn't make stupid decisions like other characters and was very fun. I would definitely recommend the book and would read more of Anna's novels in the future!

The Eygptian Princess Eye Makeup Look;

1. I would suggest that you prime your face and eyelids, especially if you want this to stay on for a while and not fade. If you are prone to making mistakes or you are not very steady with your hand (like me) invest in a makeup fixing spray and a makeup setting spray. They will be a lot more worth your worth as when you have acheived the desired effect you can just spray it on to set the look rather than rubbing off primer and makeup each time you make a mistake.

2. Next is your brows. The girl on the cover has very amazing brows and they are extremely pigmented. I have fairly thick brows, but to give them the darkest colour possible and a really thick look, I have taken to using mascara on my brows. This may sound crazy, and I would recommend this if you have a mascara which is similar to your natural brow colour. As I am a WOC, my brows are naturally extremely dark brown/black so using Rimmel Scandeleyes just made my brows thicker and darker, as well as giving them lasting shape.

3. I decided to do eyelashes after brows. I always do mascara first, so again with the Rimmel Scandaleyes on my top and bottom lash line. I like this mascara as it makes my lashes more voluminous and long.

4. I used the MUA Hall of Fame palette for my eyes, but any palette will do as long at is has dark shades like gunmetal, blue and black. It is not easy to see what is going on with the eyelids, but I chose to add the shade Cool Grey towards my tear duct, and then blended in Titan, the glittery black into my outer edge and to line my lower lash line. I also used Hydra, which is slightly lighter and bluer than Cool Grey in my crease. The liner is more exaggerated here so I continued using the edge of my Studio London Eyeshadow brush to do this.

5. This step is the liner, which is used to create the intericate lines and patterning around the eye. I used an eyeliner pen to do this, but feel free to use a liquid or gel liner for the look, I just prefer to use pens, but the other options may be more pigmented or have a sleeker finish.
I started by grabbing a light eyeshadow colour and outlining the patterning I wanted to make. This makes the process of doing the patterning faster and easier. Then I took my Miss Sporty Studio Lash eyeliner pen to draw on the patterning. This was no fast task, as it takes a lot of concentration.

Then you are done! This didn't take me more than 15 minutes to do and doesn't require a whole lot of makeup or practice!

Optional Ideas;
Use some of the eyeshadow colours on your lips to create a matching lip look!
Create a metallic highlight by using the lighter eyeshadows on your cheekbones.

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