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August 22, 2016

In collaboration with the lovely Emily of Emily Ellen. To see her first post, click here

Top Row: Left to Right
Gino Ferrari Satchel Bag- £24 / Patchwork Bag- £16 / Compartment Tote Bag- £32  / Belted Lock Tote Bag- £32 / Lipsy Double Zip Bag- £36 / Quilted Pocket Backpack- £19.99  / Black and Bone Bag- £28 

Bottom Row: Left to Right
Black Structured Tote Bag- £27.99  / 2 in 1 Laser Cut Bag- £16  / Womens Black Sharp Tote Bag- £20  / Superdry Dewberry Montana Bag- £39.99

Hello Everyone!

So school is now (unfortunately) approaching, pretty quickly as a matter of fact. Even if you are dreading school like the plague (like me) then at least you can hopefully get excited about buying school supplies! That is something I personally really enjoy, as there is something about having 26 coloured pens which match makes me very happy <3

Anyways, this is the first of one of my collaboration posts with the amazing Emily of Emily Ellen- her post is on Back to School Beauty Essentials and is linked here

Every year it is super important to make sure that you have a quality and long lasting school bag which can last throughout the year. (trust me, I know all too well). With my school and I think most other schools they tend to ask you to have a plain or dark coloured bag, so I thought I would devise a few options for you all to pick!  I also did my best to check each bag to figure out whether it would fit standard sized books and folders inside, so they all pretty much should. They are also all a range of prices from £16- £45, so you can get something that you like and will match your budget. Let me know what you think!

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