My Dream Concert Line-Up

July 06, 2016

Hello Guys!

I was requested to do a post on my dream concert line-up by TickPick, a company where you can buy tickets for concerts, basketball games and more, and I decided that I would share with you guys my top 3 acts if I was to have my own concert!

My concert right now would have strong themes of feminism and female power. I have really been into a lot of female artists and couldn't think of any male artists (who weren't rappers/grime artists) :D

Demi Lovato

Demi was ultimately be my first act and as I think that she is an amazing artist and would be able to get the crowd started. I have been a Demi fan since her Camp Rock days and am still a Lovatic. Demi's last album, Confident, was amazing and definitely some of her best works, I really enjoy the songs and would probably love her to play Confident and Lionheart, but I honestly listen to the whole album on repeat so whatever she sang I would love!
I haven't seen a Demi Lovato concert before, because she hasn't been to the UK very much, but perhaps one day I will go see her live!
I find Demi so inspiring and her music is so real and vulnerable, I love it. <3


This one should hopefully have been obvious to those who know me well. I am a near enough die-hard member of the Bey-Legion and have loved her songs for the majority of my life. I remember listening to Crazy in Love as a kid and absolutely loving it and thinking I could sing (I really can't)
I recently also got to see Beyonce live at Wembley arena as part of her Formation World Tour which was AMAZING.
I think if she was at my concert I would get her to play more songs from 4 and Beyonce, as they were amazing albums. She would definitely play XO, but I am not too sure on the rest.

Florence and the Machine

I don't actively listen to Florence, but I like a lot of her songs and I know she has some great tracks.
Personally, I think she would be a brilliant closing act for my concert. I really love Spectrum, so she would have to play that, and then I love Dog Days Are Over too!

Who would play at your dream concert?

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