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July 21, 2016


So I recently just started knitting again. If you didn't know, I have been knitting for maybe 5 years now, but nothing I have knitting have been very good. I have only made very small, little projects and I only ever have knitted on straight needles (up until recently). I haven't really been knitting much recently, but last week I started working on a new project!

I decided that I would start the 10 Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown. This blanket is HUGE on Ravelry with thousands of FO's (Finished Objects) and all of them are super cool. I started last Sunday and am not very sure how large I want the blanket to be yet, but it's about 10.5 inches wide currently and I am enjoying knitting it! It is pretty mindless and easy to knit. It is also really good for beginners, as you only need to know one stitch, and it is very clear in explaining the turning on the corners. Also, Staci Perry from Very Pink Knits on Youtube has a video tutorial on the project, and she shows you pretty much everything that you need to know. Plus her blanket is gorgeous!

I am using 2 wooden DPN's because they are shorter than my straights. I bought my needles in a huge set online, they were very inexpensive but I am not sure where you can find the exact ones that I have, but there are similar ones on Amazon.
I am using three yarns, they are all acrylic I believe, the black on the outside and the grey in the middle I purchased from a charity shop and neither of them had a label, but the speckled cream is a Sirdar Bonus Acrylic Yarn in Star/Starling that I got from Hobbycraft for £2 or £2.50.

I like buying my yarn from charity shops as I do not have a Local Yarn Store anymore as it shut down, and the other one relatively nearby has a only got basic yarn and needles as it is more of a haberdashery. :( However, all the donated yarns I have gotten from the charity shops nearby were either 50p or £1 per ball, which is a complete bargain, when usually they can go up to £8 in a shop in a yarn shop!

I also really want to make a project bag. I used to not see the use of them, but nowadays I really like the idea of getting a bag to organize and keep projects. The blanket is pretty small now, and I am keeping it in a cosmetics bag that I got for Christmas. It isn't very big, but it fits in my needles and small balls of yarn in the colours I am using as well as my work in progress!

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  1. This is a lovely post. I wish I could knit as I inherited a lot of wool, needles and even the bag and patterns.

    I think you need to invest in a bag or box to store your lovely work in.

    Thanks for sharing
    Steph xx
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