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June 30, 2016

I thought that I would write a little life update so that we could catch up a little! How does that sound?

So if you didn't know, I sell bookish and blogger-ish shirts on Teespring. I try to make my shirts affordable within reason and I personally think that they are really good, but I designed them, so hopefully I would.
If you are interested in checking out my shirts (and I would really love that!), then please check out
Selling has been a little slow, but I don't think I have personally been promoting them enough. I have been doing some research so I will be promoting them more soon.


I have been considering doing a real spring clean on my blog for a while. My very old posts from Rachel Rules The World and 45th Fashion Road don't really drive traffic anymore, and only by some heavenly chance they will ever again. I also need to delete dead links and other things, so I am going to start soon, if posts begin to disappear from a while ago, don't worry!

Also, if you have a request as to what you want to see more of, less of and of anything in general, I would love to hear your comments on my blog!


I don't really know where I was planning to go with this segment. I am well, I've got a job, so I am working now (finally). I also want to do my hair, I've seen some amazing ombre hair which I would love to braid, not really sure what colour to go for though!
Related image
What colour would you get?

EU Referendum

So if you are from the UK you would know that we have recently had a Referendum (a vote basically) so that we could decide whether or not to leave the EU.
I wasn't able to vote, but if I could I would have voted Remain, because we would have been able to reevaluate the clauses in which we are in the EU, and therefore potentially gained a stronger place.
So I don't agree with the majority vote who voted to leave (although, yes I do understand their views) I don't think it will get us anywhere by leaving. We are once again going to become one of the most monolingual, isolated countries in the world.
What erked me about the election was that I wasn't allowed to vote on my own future. The older the people go, the more voted leave, and I would understand that to be caused by a plethora of things, but it isn't fair that seeing as it is the future of my generation, that I wasn't allowed a voice. I really wish I was old enough, but it shouldn't be the case as it was my generation
This will affect the teaching services (there is already a shortage of teachers in the UK and sending them back to Europe won't do us any good) and I study two languages and a lot of my teachers are European and they are really good, and therefore don't really deserve to be forced to go to make space for jobs that no one wants to fill anyways. To me, that is very unfair. (but that's my opinion) and seeing as our education system is near enough to bust, we need the EU to supply us with workers for the fields we as a population aren't interested in.
I also disagree and would like the idea of some of the Vote Leave Campaign leaders running the country, I don't really want to discuss those views here though.
I've never really been that into politics as much, although I consider it a potential future prospect. That's my opinion and feel free to disagree. I am not a person who will drown out voices so mine can be heard.


I added in this segment because I just thought about it.
Recently, I applied for a job within school. I was really excited and did my best to ensure that what I did surrounding it would show me to be a good student.
I was taken out around the first round of interviews for that job placement, which at the time really upset me. I found the majority of the people given the job undeserving, spoilt and almost went to the point of labelling my school as favouring those particular people (which in ways I still feel that they do).
I'm better now though. Two weeks ago, I would have been very upset and I was impulsive in my actions (which I now regret). But now I feel more open and happy, and I think that I learnt a serious life lesson and I've learnt something about myself.
No, there isn't an opportunity for me to get that place. But I am going to show my school want they are missing out on. I feel like I am being boastful in saying that I am a really good student, but I am and they really missed out. I felt robbed of my opportunity to speak and now I think that I understand why I was. It was my first chance to speak, but it won't be my last. I am not prepared to sit down and allow major decisions to go over my head.

I think thats all right now!

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