Q&A with Sofi Croft- Author of Indigo's Dragon

April 07, 2016

Hey Guys,

So a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Indigo's Dragon to review- I really enjoyed it and if you want to see my review then please click here. I thought that I would add a little extra treat by having a Q&A with the wonderful author of the book Sofi Croft! She is such a nice lady and I would recommend her book.

You can find Sofi Croft on;
Her Website

1. Welcome to my blog Sofi! Can you introduce yourself? 
Hi, I’m Sofi Croft, author of Indigo’s Dragon, mum of three, reader, writer, fell wanderer, dragon seeker and tea drinker.

2. Describe your book, "Indigo's Dragon" in three words
Adventure, mystery, monsters.

3. What character do you think you relate to the most in the novel?
Ooooh! Tricky one. Emerald maybe, Indigo’s mother, because, like Emerald, I am a mum who is easily distracted by dragons on the fells.

4. Why did you set your novel mainly in Poland? It's such a unique setting for a YA novel, what made you pick it?
My grandmother was from Prussia (now Poland), and although I have never been there I have always been drawn to it. I think setting the book in Poland may have been my way of visiting the country! I love reading Polish folk tales; one in particular, the Dragon of Krakow, inspired Indigo’s Dragon, and many of the creatures found in the Indigo series originate from Slavic mythology.

5. What was your writing process like when writing Indigo's Dragon? (Did you write it all in one go, how long did it take, did you write it in a journal etc.)
Indigo’s Dragon is my first novel and it evolved slowly, over several years. In its very earliest form it was a short rhyming picture book, then it became a kind of manual called ‘First Aid for Monsters’, and eventually it morphed into the fantasy novel it is today. I wrote the first drafts of Indigo’s Dragon in a notebook, by the side of the river, while my children played in the water. It was inspired by all the things my children and I liked most at the time; our valley, the fells, dragons, monsters, adventures, mysteries, journeys, and fairy tales. The next two books in the series I wrote much faster, about six months for each, because by then I knew what kind of adventures I wanted Indigo to have; the places I wanted him to visit and the mythologies I wanted him to explore. I'm excited about writing more books for the series - now that Indigo is here there is plenty I want him to do!

A big thank you to Sofi for answering all the questions amazingly! Now you know a little more, you guys can pick up Indigo's Dragon on Amazon!

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