My Ultimate Dream Prom Dress!

April 17, 2016


It seems like Prom Season is back! And after the startling success of last years Prom series, I thought I would hop on the horse a little earlier and I write continue on with the series!

I thought that in an effort to get you guys to understand and learn a little bit more about me, that I would write a post around what I would love in my Dream Prom Dress.

Prom isn't for a while, but like most girls I have dreamt and imagined what I would want for my dress because, let's fact

Red: Yes, I love the idea of wearing a gorgeous shade of red... claret, burgundy, maroon. Not necessarily fire engine red, but I'd want something beautiful and rich, but not too bright.
Nude: No, definitely not like going nude, but a neutral shade like champagne, mocha or taupe. Something lighter than my skin tone but soft, not harsh. I think those sorts of Wilhelmina Slater colours are beautiful and I would definitely find a flowy gown in a neutral tone
Purple: Plums, Indigos or Lilacs would be gorgeous!

Flowy: Something boho, flowy and really tumblr would be gorgeous! I have always admired those styles of dresses and although I am not sure that I could pull a dress like that off, I would love to try! I love Selena Gomez's from the AMA Awards (below)

Selena Gomez AMA 2014:
Mermaid: This is ultimately very sexy and pretty much the opposite to the flowy dresses that I would want to pull off also. However, I think that they are truly beautiful dresses so I would want one for sure!

Plunge: This would ultimately go on my flowy dress. Something kind of sexy and unique. I think that either a v neck or spaghetti strap plunge dress is gorgeous and so sexy, if only my school allowed them... :(
Cut/Cold Shoulder: This is the type of dress you would also see on tumblr. I can't describe this neckline to you, frankly, however, let's pinch a photo from Pinterest for you guys to see.

Saja Collection Wedding Dresses | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 16:

Chiffon: I LOVE CHIFFON IT IS SO GORGEOUS AND ELEGANT. Seriously. If I could own chiffon everything, I just might. 
Lace: I might seem a little old fashioned but I think lace is so timeless and beautiful and maybe I don't want an all lace dress, but have some lace elements in it, that would be amazing!

I think that's enough about my Dream Prom Dress which I could never afford and probably pull off! Thanks for reading.

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