Apple and Rain By Sarah Crossan- Review

May 14, 2016

Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan is possibly either the first or second book I read by her. It is a contemporary novel with elements of coming of age, chronicling the life thirteen year old Apple/Apolinia (her surname is long and hard to spell) who's mother abandoned her eleven years prior in favour of a ticket to America and a chance to live out her dreams there as an actress.

For over a decade, Apple was cared for by her strict, overbearing Nana, and forever wondered about the Christmas Eve her mother left.

Now, back in the present day, Apple's mother, Annie, has returned and wants her daughter back in a bitter-sweet reunion.

I picked this book up at YALC last year and I really enjoyed reading it. It was a really sweet story with some really heart-wrenching topics. It kept me up reading at some points throughout the story (hence why i am writing this review at 1:18am)

I really enjoyed reading about the characters- Nana was probably my favourite. I could really tell how Apple's POV influenced my thinking in a good way; hating Trisha, missing Mum etc. I really felt a lot of emotion through this. I think that Sarah really used the POV to her strength by channeling feelings through the MC... Because man I got the feels towards the end of this book!

One problem I had was that I can't be completely sure about this, but for an American Native, Rain used a lot of British words! I suppose that it worked because her mum was British but she used more words than some people I know!

I really like that poetry was used throughout the novel. It was a great theme threaded throughout and I really enjoyed reading through it.

Another thing that I struggled with was the beginning. The first 70 or so pages I felt didn't help contribute much and were really there for setting up however it wasn't written in a way that captivated me. But after those pages I really enjoyed the novel.

Overall, I would really recommend that you check out this book. I really liked it, so if you are a fan of contemporary books with slightly more adult themes at some points (it definitely isn't X-Rated or anything, just I feel, a little more mature) then I would definitely give this book a go!

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