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The Prophecy by Erin Rhew- Review and Blog Tour

April 19, 2016

Hey Guys!

Today I am participating in the Fufillment Series Blog Tour by Erin Rhew. I want to keep this intro short and sweet, but I did want to mention that Erin is a lovely person!
I hope that you enjoy the post!


My Ultimate Dream Prom Dress!

April 17, 2016


It seems like Prom Season is back! And after the startling success of last years Prom series, I thought I would hop on the horse a little earlier and I write continue on with the series!

I thought that in an effort to get you guys to understand and learn a little bit more about me, that I would write a post around what I would love in my Dream Prom Dress.


Q&A with Sofi Croft- Author of Indigo's Dragon

April 07, 2016

Hey Guys,

So a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Indigo's Dragon to review- I really enjoyed it and if you want to see my review then please click here. I thought that I would add a little extra treat by having a Q&A with the wonderful author of the book Sofi Croft! She is such a nice lady and I would recommend her book.

You can find Sofi Croft on;
Her Website

1. Welcome to my blog Sofi! Can you introduce yourself? 
Hi, I’m Sofi Croft, author of Indigo’s Dragon, mum of three, reader, writer, fell wanderer, dragon seeker and tea drinker.

2. Describe your book, "Indigo's Dragon" in three words
Adventure, mystery, monsters.

3. What character do you think you relate to the most in the novel?
Ooooh! Tricky one. Emerald maybe, Indigo’s mother, because, like Emerald, I am a mum who is easily distracted by dragons on the fells.

4. Why did you set your novel mainly in Poland? It's such a unique setting for a YA novel, what made you pick it?
My grandmother was from Prussia (now Poland), and although I have never been there I have always been drawn to it. I think setting the book in Poland may have been my way of visiting the country! I love reading Polish folk tales; one in particular, the Dragon of Krakow, inspired Indigo’s Dragon, and many of the creatures found in the Indigo series originate from Slavic mythology.

5. What was your writing process like when writing Indigo's Dragon? (Did you write it all in one go, how long did it take, did you write it in a journal etc.)
Indigo’s Dragon is my first novel and it evolved slowly, over several years. In its very earliest form it was a short rhyming picture book, then it became a kind of manual called ‘First Aid for Monsters’, and eventually it morphed into the fantasy novel it is today. I wrote the first drafts of Indigo’s Dragon in a notebook, by the side of the river, while my children played in the water. It was inspired by all the things my children and I liked most at the time; our valley, the fells, dragons, monsters, adventures, mysteries, journeys, and fairy tales. The next two books in the series I wrote much faster, about six months for each, because by then I knew what kind of adventures I wanted Indigo to have; the places I wanted him to visit and the mythologies I wanted him to explore. I'm excited about writing more books for the series - now that Indigo is here there is plenty I want him to do!

A big thank you to Sofi for answering all the questions amazingly! Now you know a little more, you guys can pick up Indigo's Dragon on Amazon!

Until Next time,

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Indigo's Dragon by Sofi Croft- Review!

April 06, 2016

Indigo's DragonIndigo's Dragon by Sofi Croft

I received this book free from the publisher, however that does not directly affect my opinion of the novel and/or skew it in any way. All opinions are my own and this review is honest.

I have an interview with the author premiering on in Early April.

Indigo's Dragon by Sofi Croft is a fantastic novel about a boy called Indigo (named after his unusual Indigo eyes) who embarks on an adventure after mysteriously receiving his Grandfather's satchel in the post one day to later find him missing.

I really enjoyed the plot, I liked the characters and it was a fun read. I thought that the plot was really well thought out, with some really enjoyable areas in it.
For such a short book, I was surprised at how emotionally invested in the characters I became, as towards the end I laughed and caught my breath at some of the best of moments.
What I thought was cool was that this novella is set in the Polish mountains, I have never read a novel set in such a place and I think that it is so cool! It definitely added to the uniqueness of the story and was great in general.

There are two main reasons that I didn't think that this was a five star novel. I felt like the novel was a little bit out of my age range, which stopped me from enjoying it slightly. This was quite disappointing, because although it isn't the fault of the book, it just wasn't suited to my taste at that moment. However, in you were 13 or under or so, and/or you were just getting into reading, or the summary of the book appeals to you a lot. then you may have found a winner! Unfortunately as much as I enjoyed the novel, it wasn't for me.
I also thought the novel was too short. Again, this may have been due to the targeted age range. It really did double as a quick read though, so that didn't bother me as such. I just wish for maybe another 30 pages on the top of it.

Overall, I thought that this book would be brilliant for someone who was looking for a quick read to take their mind off of something (like an exam), need an in between read or you are young and you want to try out a cool adventure novel set in a different place, definitely try out Indigo's Dragon because it will probably be straight up your street. Also if you are quite young (I want to say under 12 or 13) because you would definitely find the writing style quite simple or easy. (or if you are simply looking for a simple writing style, check out the novella)

Click Here To See All My Goodreads Reviews!

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Outbreak by Christine Fonseca- Release Day Blitz!

April 05, 2016

Title: Outbreak

Author: Christine Fonseca
Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Action-Adventure
Dakota never thought she’d crave her old life in Boresville. Not until the Creator’s assassins came and took everything, everyone, she cared about—all except for David. He’s the only thing she has left, and he wants her to reclaim her so-called gifts once and for all, something that will force her into the very life she’s trying to avoid. 
When a new secret reveals both hope and betrayal, Dakota is forced to face a destiny she no longer wants. Now she must learn how to trust her instincts without becoming the thing she fears most—a killer. 

Award-winning and critically-acclaimed author of fiction and non-fiction. Lover of books, lattes, and family. Passionate about humanity. Recent titles include Transcend, The Solomon Experiment series, and Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students, second edition.
When Christine isn’t writing a book, she can be found sipping too many skinny vanilla lattes next to a beach with a book in her hand.
For more information, visit her website –

Author Links:
Author Website:
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Buy Links: 
**Collide, Book One is on sale for #99cents til 4/15**
Seven padded across the room, watchful and silent. He’d learned a few things since the Architect’s death, lessons that included never making yourself too known to others and never becoming too confident of your position within the Order or with the Creator. Both would get you killed. Seven knew he had to play things cool if he was going to survive whatever the Creator had planned.
The floor was cold beneath his bare feet. “Be in touch with the ground whenever you can. You will sense more of the life around you,” the Creator said. “And that will fuel your abilities.” He drilled this into Seven constantly, so much so that he almost never wore shoes at the compound.
But this wasn’t his compound now. That had been destroyed by the very people he was meant to capture. This was something new, some place foreign.
Are you ready for your next assignment? The Creator’s voice soothed Seven’s restlessness.
Yes, Master. Always.
Come to my office. This is something we must discuss first. In person.
Yes, Master. Seven didn’t like feeling summoned by anyone, not even the Creator. Not that he could do anything about it. He was the subordinate, at least for now. One day he would have enough strength to be considered an equal. But not yet. For now, Seven was nothing more than an apprentice.
Seven glanced around his new room, smaller than his quarters in the compound. This place was more like a warehouse, and his room more like a prison cell.
All of the survivors, the few that were left after the vicious attack at the lab, had settled here a few days after the events. Considered nothing more than temporary housing, the facility still looked like the abandoned warehouse it was when they found it over a month ago. Nothing felt like home to any of them, least of all Seven.
He walked to the small mirror that lined the back of his door. His eyes still held the fire, the passion, from before the attack. But there was less naiveté now. Less hubris. Or superiority.
Memories of the attack filled Seven’s mind. The girl that caused the chaos and took the Architect’s life. The boy that fought like a samurai and threatened Seven’s world. The fire that spread through every room, killing many of the recruits, his friends. Seven was not as prepared as he thought; not as strong. He should have been able to stop the two from escaping. If he had—
Seven couldn’t finish the thought. It bothered him to think that his failures were directly responsible for the destruction of the compound. The Creator never blamed Seven, nor had any members of the Order. They didn’t have to—Seven carried the guilt anyway. It powered his motivation, gave him focus.
He noted the scar that stretched across his forehead, over his brow line. It hadn’t existed before that night. Now it served as a reminder, something his guilt could cling to whenever he began to release it.
Why are you still in your quarters?
The Creator’s impatience pulled Seven from his thoughts. Sorry, Master. I’m coming. He closed his eyes and refocused. There was no time for him to wallow, no time to wonder about the past. There was only now, and his need to prove to the Order—to himself—that he was a worthy heir to the Creator.
The walk to his Master’s office seemed longer than usual. Seven’s heavy footfalls on the hard concrete ground sent tremors up his legs, which settled in his torso. Each step brought a new trepidation. Seven again refocused. He couldn’t be in the presence of the Creator in this state. He had to settle his fears and be the disciplined warrior once more.
Voices emanated from behind the closed doors of the office. The Creator’s and more. Seven stopped and stared. Centering his mind, he pushed his thoughts through the heavy, metal door. The Creator’s office came into view. Sterile, stern, unyielding—just like the Creator himself. On the wall projected five pictures, each with one filled with a different member of the Order. Seven looked at his Master, noting the concern etched on his face. As quickly as he’d seen his Master’s emotions, Seven was thrown from the room and back into his own thoughts. He tried again to push into the space but was blocked. Whatever was happening, it was clear the Creator wasn’t about to allow Seven into his inner sanctum. Seven would have to be content to simply listen through the door.
Seven leaned in closer, struggling to make out the muffled sounds. He closed his eyes and focused hard.
“You have failed us for the last time, LeMercier.” The voice was deep, male. And clearly angry.
“What do you mean, failed? Nothing is lost. The experiments can continue.” The Creator spoke in measured tones. “We have everything we need.”
“And what of the Assassin,” a new voice questioned. “You promised she wouldn’t be a problem. She was supposed to have joined you, completed the mission. Instead she is on the loose, out there somewhere.”
Seven had heard this voice before. She had visited the lab once. The Creator had been agitated when she left.
Just like now.
“I am well aware of the Assassin’s whereabouts,” the Creator said. “She poses no threat. When the time is right, she will return to me of her own choice.”
“Can you be sure? Were you not just as certain last time?”
Seven pictured the same frustration on the Creator’s face. “Last time, I—”
The voices quieted, blurred. Seven pressed hard against the door, unable to hear another word. The harder he tried, the less he was able to make out. Only a few strangled words:
“Apprentice . . .”
“. . . will not fail . . .”
“. . . destiny . . . success . . .”
The voices faded completely and Seven edged back from the heavy door, his mind deep in thought.
“Come,” the Creator said, both aloud and through Seven’s thoughts.
Seven straightened, settling his mind before facing the Creator. “Yes, Master. What is my next assignment?” he asked, pretending he’d heard none of his Master’s concerns with the Order.
“You have questions,” the Creator asked. Clearly Seven needed to practice his blocking skills.
“No, Master.”
“You wonder why I am concerned, wonder if you should be concerned as well.”
Yes, Seven needed a lot more practice. “No, Master.”
The Creator scrutinized Seven, touching his thoughts. Seven stilled his body, his mind, everything. He waited until he could feel the Creator withdraw.
The Creator smiled. “Return to your quarters. We will talk tomorrow. This is not the time.”
Before Seven could object, the Creator turned his back, sealing his feelings and thoughts away from the young apprentice.
“Tomorrow,” the Creator said with finality.
“Yes, Master.” Seven returned to his room, a mixture of confusion and apprehension dripping from every pour. Whatever was happening, Seven knew he had to align himself cautiously, had to choose the right side of the impending storm. His survival likely depended on it.
But which side was the right side?


Currently Reading... #1 (It's Monday What Are You Reading?)

April 04, 2016



It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week.  It's a great post to organise yourself. It's an opportunity to visit and comment, and er... add to that ever growing TBR pile! So welcome in everyone. This meme started with J Kaye's Blog   and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date. And here we are!

Jen Vincent, Teach Mentor Texts, and Kellee of Unleashing Readers decided to give It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? a kidlit focus. If you read and review books in children’s literature – picture books, chapter books, middle grade novels, young adult novels, anything in the world of kidlit – join them!
a divide
I thought that I would do something a little different in the form of a meme, because I sort of miss them, and haven't done them in a while!

I'm reading this on my Kobo Touch. So I started this a couple of days ago and it is the second book in The Bonner's Fairy series. I'm about 30% the way through and they are pretty short books. 

Can't wait to read this one! This is the second novel in the Saven Series, by Siobhan Davis. I really enjoyed the first book and I read that not too long ago. My review is here. (Also in ebook form)

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