Saven: Deception by Siobhan Davis: Review

March 23, 2016

Saven: DeceptionSaven: Deception by Siobhan Davis

I received this book free for review, but that in no way shape or form affects my opinion of it whatsoever.

Can someone please get me the next book?

Much appreciated.


Saven: Deception is the first book in a series by Siobhan Davis. And as you can tell from above I absolutely loved it!

The novel chronicles a girl called Sadie Owens as she abandons her lower class family of copper 'stars' in favour of a new life in a Government Scheme called "The Experimento: Thalassic City" where thousands of lower class people like her are shipped to underwater cities and given the freedom of those of the other classes.
There she meets mysterious and gorgeous Logan Chandler, who harbours a secret bigger than Sadie herself...

As I said before, I absolutely loved this book. I haven't read something with fantasy elements in what feels like an extremely long time, therefore this read was great. As much as it does have fantasy elements, it is a bit of a dys/utopia feel as well as some Romance (I dislike categorising books but it is the best way to describe this one)
I also adored the characters. I loved Logan and Sadie and their relationship. I love-hated Dante and I adored Neve. I didn't really like Jenna towards the end of the book, but I did find her an interesting character to read about.

I enjoyed the plot and I am really bad at expecting or guessing what is going to happen next, so everything was pretty shocking to me. However it was good-shocking (the majority of the time)

I'd definitely recommend this book. I really enjoyed reading it and it was a very quick read also. If you like paranormal romances or romances in general, then I would suggest it to you too!

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