My Birthday Wishlist 2016!

March 14, 2016

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit, school beckons me for weeks on end sometimes :( And to think I actually had like three posts scheduled but for some reason they did not

I hope that you are all good! So my friends have recently been requesting for me to tell them what I want for my Birthday this year!
So, if you don't know, my birthday is on the 16th of April (so about this time next month) and I absolutely love my birthday!
I also love making lists. I have probably had the same things on my list for years but I seriously still want the things on it, which is kind of weird but it shows how little my tastes have changed since I was younger.
I wanted to do this post for you guys because I feel like it really gives you an insight into me and what I like to do as a person, and it can also give you guys some ideas as to what exactly you may want for your birthdays.
I put links with a lot of the items, however I know that an item could be cheaper or better quality in another store, so if you have other ideas and want to share in the comments, you are welcome to!

Disclaimer: Yes, this is stuff I have asked for for my birthday this year, but I honestly don't expect to get everything on this list. The list is long due to the fact that I have asked for the things on it for the past couple of years, and I tend to just see an item in a store or online and add it because I have liked it. I lot of these things I will buy for myself with my own money, so I am not asking for any of my subscribers or readers to purchase these for me. I am grateful for anything and everything that I receive

Rachels Birthday Wishlist
 Money, Gift cards or vouchers
Makeup and beauty
  Scholl Express Pedi
  Nail art stuff
  Hand santizers, Hand Cream, Lip Scrub, Body Scrubs etc.
Nail art brushes and pen
  Kiko Full Coverage Concealer in 08
Brands I like: EOS, MAC, Urban Decay, NSpa, Treacle Moon, Victoria’s Secret, Lush, The Body Shop, Kiko, Bath and Body Works, MUA, Makeup Revolution
  Personalised bag (Claireabella style)
  Clothes, bags
  Victoria’s secret duffle bag or Zip top Bag
  Superhero onesie (I want superman, please, and I only linked this one because it is the first one I found, I think that they are all the same)
I don’t have any specific brands that I prefer
Technology +Accessories
  15.6” Laptop Case (Snakeskin, don’t mind any colour)
  Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
  Adult colouring books (any)
  Stabilo Fineliners
  Spectrum Noir Pens Full Set or single packs
  Die Cutter
  Caliigraphy and Brush Lettering equipment or kits
  Notebooks (the cutest ones I have seen are in TKMaxx or Homesense)
Books +Fandom stuff
  The Tokyo Mew Mew Graphic Novel Collection (easiest to find are probably preowned)
  Maus 1 and 2 Graphic Novel
  Harry Potter Cluedo
  Knitting books
  Crafted Van, Bookworm Boutique or other fandom things (Etsy stores are best to look)
  City of Bones Perfume (any, I only linked one)
  Harry potter Wands or other Ravenclaw things (best to check on Etsy and Amazon)
  The Bane Chronicles (a book)
  Wax Tarts (no floral scents)
  Subscription to Seventeen, Teen Vogue, My Chocobelle Box, Illumicrate, Owl Crate
  Disney Figurines
  Giant Teddy Bear or Beanbag (like the ones in Costco, 4ft+)
  Jar of Sweets (might have to do yourself)
  Starbucks cup
  Smoothie jar (the mason jar one with handle,saw in ASDA for £2)
  Interchangeable Knitting Needles (any set, just linked one)
  Cute pillows and cushions, Light up pillow and blankets
  Large jewellery box
  Personalised Mug
   Rose Gold/ Copper or glass jar room décor items
  Beyoncé or Demi Lovato merchandise
  Millie's Cookie Cake or Giant Cookie
  Personalised Marshmallows (boomf or foodigital)
  Candy Floss Maker
  Snow Cone Maker,
  Ice Cream Maker, or can be found here
  Slushie Maker (check amazon)
  Yoghurt maker (available in Wilko, £10)
  Game of Life

That's all for today! (I hope that you liked the little video at the end :)

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