Lent: Going Vegan? and a Lil' Discussion

February 08, 2016

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Hey Guys,

So Lent is the time where for 40 days in February and March everyone gives up something, like chocolate.
Chocolate was the only one I thought of. Whoops.

So, as the title says, this year I decided that I was going to do something big and different. I am pretty happy with myself for making such a big decision...

I have decided to go Vegan!

So, Veganism is the dietary preference where you eat no dairy or meat products. So no butter, no milk, no chicken... basically vegetables.
Veganism is actually a lifestyle for some people, so not only do they not eat dairy, but they won't wear leather, alpaca etc.
I am only going to be eating vegan because I don't really have a choice over what I wear sometimes (I have a uniform) and it would just be way to expensive to replace all my clothes just for the 40 days.
My older sister went vegetarian for a couple years, and I can say that that's a contributing factor to why I wanted to do something a little drastic. Veganism isn't actually that difficult, or rather I am hoping that it won't be, but with my lifestyle of eating so many animal products, I am doing this to see how much this affects my daily lifestyle and after doing a bit of research into it. They are loads of videos, and I am going to leave on below to give a little explanation into what Veganism is! (The video isn't mine, I do not own it, all rights are given to the creator)

So the discussion that I am hoping to have in the comments is about Lent. I really hope that this goes well, so please help me out. Do you give something up for Lent every year? If yes, what are you giving up this year? If no, then why not? and would you (or have you) ever given up something?
Please comment below!

Get ready for more posts on this topic!

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