5 Vegan Recipes That I Desperately Want to Try

February 22, 2016

Hey Guys!

So this post will not be word heavy, mainly because I would rather that you watched the videos and stare at the amazing vegan food porn that I am about to put in front of you.

A couple of posts ago, I announced that I was going vegan for lent. (an update is coming soon!) and by going Vegan I have been forced to experiment with loads of different recipes. It is pretty rewarding to try new things (even if they are terrible, and trust me I have had experiences of trying nasty food). This post will be packed with some new recipes that I am really interested in trying out in the next few weeks!

Disclaimer: The photos and videos used in this post do not belong to me.

If you know me in real life, or just know me well in general, then you MUST MUST MUST be aware of my love of Italian food. Many just carbonara and lasagna but I do believe this recipe is lasagna, so I really need to do it.

THEE BEST Vegan Pizza! Sauteed veggies, simple tomato sauce, loads of vegan parmesan cheese. Pizza perfection! #vegan #pizza
I love pizza so much and if I ever went vegan permanently (which I am considering, but more of those thoughts in my update post) I would definitely need to replace the love of my life with something as similar as it can get.


I noticed that after going Vegan a lot of sweets have gelatine in them (that is usually made of beef or pork so they are not vegan). All of these recipe variations are fun and are so so simple to do that I know I could quickly make them up and sneak them into the cinema... don't tell anyone that I said that.
On another note, near you do they check your bag before you go into a cinema? Is that normal procedure/ Because sometimes my bag is a really hot mess and it is so annoying when I have a guy flashing a torch in a bag.

The best vegan burger
Let me just tell you now something that you probably already know.
Burgers are not vegan
Even Quorn Burgers are not vegan (Yes, it has milk proteins and egg white)
These are a simplistic recipe to make and I really want to try it soon! It is fried so before your family or whoever uses the BBQ, you could grill or fry up your burgers and hopefully they will be good!

5. Homemade Vegan Ice Cream- Mind Over Munch
I thought that for the last one I would leave you with something sweet! I miss ice-cream, I eat in anytime of year, and I don't miss it now, but trust me I will miss it, in like an hour.

I hope that you enjoy the post, I have a vegan board on my pinterest, so please feel free to check it out!

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Saven: Disclosure By Siobhan Davis- Cover Reveal!

February 19, 2016

Hey Guys!

I am really excited to share with you that today is the cover reveal for Saven: Disclosure by Siobhan Davis! I really hope that you enjoy today's post!
There is also an amazing giveaway at the end so make sure you read right until the end!

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2015 Challenges

Lent: Going Vegan? and a Lil' Discussion

February 08, 2016

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Hey Guys,

So Lent is the time where for 40 days in February and March everyone gives up something, like chocolate.
Chocolate was the only one I thought of. Whoops.

So, as the title says, this year I decided that I was going to do something big and different. I am pretty happy with myself for making such a big decision...

I have decided to go Vegan!

So, Veganism is the dietary preference where you eat no dairy or meat products. So no butter, no milk, no chicken... basically vegetables.
Veganism is actually a lifestyle for some people, so not only do they not eat dairy, but they won't wear leather, alpaca etc.
I am only going to be eating vegan because I don't really have a choice over what I wear sometimes (I have a uniform) and it would just be way to expensive to replace all my clothes just for the 40 days.
My older sister went vegetarian for a couple years, and I can say that that's a contributing factor to why I wanted to do something a little drastic. Veganism isn't actually that difficult, or rather I am hoping that it won't be, but with my lifestyle of eating so many animal products, I am doing this to see how much this affects my daily lifestyle and after doing a bit of research into it. They are loads of videos, and I am going to leave on below to give a little explanation into what Veganism is! (The video isn't mine, I do not own it, all rights are given to the creator)

So the discussion that I am hoping to have in the comments is about Lent. I really hope that this goes well, so please help me out. Do you give something up for Lent every year? If yes, what are you giving up this year? If no, then why not? and would you (or have you) ever given up something?
Please comment below!

Get ready for more posts on this topic!


Playing For Love By Dana Burkey: Review

February 06, 2016

Playing For LovePlaying For Love by Dana Burkey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book free for review (and I promised that review ages ago- so sorry!) but that doesn't affect my opinion of the story and all opinions are unbiased and my own

Playing for Love by Dana Burkey is a novel about fourteen year old Fiona who is absolutely smitten, infatuated with her brothers best friend Jordan and will do anything to get him.
She decides to go sporty to try and win his heart, joining her schools junior varsity soccer team (for me and any other Brits, that's U15 football).
I don't want to spoil want happens next because I read the synopsis and it doesn't say. But something big happens to Fiona which really affects her confidence but this is a contemporary, and things always get better, in time.

I really enjoyed the characters and the plot of the novel. It was very fun and exciting and I would love to read more of something similar.

I really enjoyed this book and definitely got me in the contemporary mood. It was a fairly fast read, but it would be perfect for a plane trip or summer beach read or the perfect contemporary in the run up to V-Day!

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