All I want for Christmas is......

December 20, 2015

Hey hey guys!
 How have you all been?
Its getting closer to Christmas (woop woop!!!) so I have decided to share my Christmas list with all of you lovely human beings.

I absolutely lovvvvveeeee makeup. I already own several different mascaras, powders and various eyeshadows, but what I would really like Santa, if you are reading, is lipsticks and eyeliners. I have recently formed an addiction to coloured eyeliners, and green and purple are definitely the new black. Due to my bank account becoming increasingly empty, MAC makeup is only seen in my wildest dreams, so finding affordable replacements such as Sleek mascaras and lipsticks would definitely make the sleigh a little lighter. Your welcome Saint Nick.

I absolutely HATE shopping and would rather go on Im a Celeb than have to trudge around clothes shops for hours on end. Two years ago I would've been totally fine with a baggy t shirt and jeans as my go to outfit for all occasions, but, as my mother forewarned (urrrghhh why is she always right?) clothes have become a necessity. I'm finding the need to be like everyone else and own more than just one outfit. So Santa, Baby, will you drop a LBD under the tree, for me? Ive been an awful good girl. 

3. MONEY MONEY MONEY (see, ABBA always wins). 
If your anything like me, I HATE asking for things and I HATE when people buy my presents because I accept them really awkwardly. So I feel Mr Christmas, to save me the awkwardness of reaching over piles of gifts and wrapping presents to hug someone to say thank you, please can you just give me money? Its so much lighter in your sleigh, easier to carry, and lasts much longer than makeup - well, maybe not hehe. Plus I can save it for next year when I need to buy my family presents. See, I'm only helping you out ;)

To conclude fellow readers, I don't have a lot of wants this Christmas, I have everything I could possibly need and therefore am content. Yeh I know, how boring. Sorry Papa Noel, no sweets this year. Well, out of the kindness of my heart, I guess I could take a unicorn off of your hands. ANYWAY, have a magical Christmas my lovelies, and I hope you get everything and more that you wish for!

Lots of Love,
(and kisses under the mistletoe!)
Mel xx

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