NaNoWriMo- Half Way Through! NaNoWriMo 2015

November 20, 2015

(Image Courtesy of National Novel Writing Month)

Hey Guys,

I hope that you didn't expect too much of me.... All of words have been going into my word count. Sorry!

I thought I would quickly make a post with a couple of things I have been doing to write more. 

Tip 1:
Reward yourself
My best friend during the month of November are my darling Pringles. And shortbread. Christmas offers are starting with good time! Take advantage; make the cashiers hate you and think you are secretly feeding a hoard of sweet-toothed children. Clear out whatever s left of the Halloween sweets, if it's too late a box of Celebrations will do! Just take them all! *insert mouth stuffing emoji*
Hang on, don't you dare just pig out until you have got that day's word count! Hide the sweets or hold someone accountable for them. Let yourself a sweet every 500, 1000 words. Reward yourself every 150 or 200 words when you pass your goal; you'll be more tempted to carry on if you have a bigger incentive!
I let myself have 3 Pringles every 400 words because I write quite slowly, but at the start of NaNo I did it once every 750 words! 6 or 7 (or 35) Pringles can get me through the day!
(Until I have a mental breakdown lol.)

Tip 2:
Surround yourself with inspiration
Write little post its, set reminders on your phone, do anything that reminds you that YOU HAVE 1,667 WORDS TO WRITE TODAY. even if you let your mum ring you up every day at 5pm to ask you if you've done your word count, that is enough. I think that it's really helpful and I would definitely recommend this!

You shouldn't forget anyways, but this is also a brilliant reminder that you really shouldn't procrastinate.

Tip 3:
Watch other people.
I find seeing how other people are doing extremely helpful. Have Writing Buddies. Watch vlogs, talk about it with your friends! Tweet me! @IamRachA201 if you have no one to chat too! (That'd make me smile!) I'll tell you how rubbishy I am doing and you'll feel better.
I only have one friend doing NaNo and I don't see her much, so I challenged myself to always be in the Top 5 of my writing buddies. I go up to my Writing Buddies on the NaNo website and go from 'Word Count- High to Low' and by the end of that day, I need to be in the top five or on the front page. Then I do it and sleep
Otherwise I watch Katytastics old vlogs. mandiLynn, ThenewCSLewis, Christina Horner, people like that. They are great and help me a lot. Because sometimes it's better to watch people fall over, it helps you to stand up.

Tip 4:
No one is forcing you to do NaNoWriMo (and if they are then that's sad... I'm sorry) but enjoy what your writing, or else it just isn't worth it, okay? Life is too short to waste time doing the stuff that stresses you out! (Unless it's working, eating or sleeping. I hold no responsibility of you don't, sorry.  

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