September 19, 2015

Hey hey guys! So recently I just got my GCSE results back and after waiting 12 weeks to find what I received in these awfully annoying exams *nail biting tension* I actually did pretty well!!! The happy tears were definitely flowing. And so, my Mum, my Nan and I went on a celebratory trip to London as a Well Done Mel type surprise. When we arrived in Leicester Square, my Mum made a bee-line for this restaurant that I have been dreaming about since Forrest Gump came out on DVD (cinema prices these days!!!) Yep, you guessed it, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. brought all the way from Forrests shrimp boat herself (the boat is called Jenny).

The excitement was uncontrollable. You walk in and the smell of salt and magicness hits you like a wave of amazing energy and you are forced to close your eyes, stand still and inhale. I highly recommend it! You enter via the shop (as usual) and are led up some beautifully decorated stairs with lots of movie memorabilia. However, when you reach the top of the stairs, there is another stand-still-in-awe moment and you take in the wonderful atmosphere and character that is bestowed within an floor of shrimp and cocktails. So much merchandise was on display covering  the walls, the ceilings, the floors and even the bathrooms! We were seated in a booth right next to the bar (woop woop) and were given our menus. Now for those of you who have never been to Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co. (you poor souls) there is a different method of service. You are given signs saying either "RUN FORREST RUN" or "STOP FORREST STOP". These signs indicate whether you want waiters coming and assisting you! These were on metal number plates which you could flip. Behind those signs were buckets filled with lots of different sauces and a strange table tennis paddle, to commemorate Forrest's skill at the sport. However, it is no paddle! It is the restaurants very own customized cocktail menu!!!! The choices were endless!! I ended up ordering a Georgia Peach Iced Tea which came in a mason jar glass which you got to take home! 

And now, the most important part of all. The food. Deciding took hours and it didnt help that we were all ravenous and the gorgeous smells weren't helping. Dribbling actually became a problem. We were so shocked by the amazing food the menu had to offer and we ordered a sharing starter so we would make the most if our mains. We ordered a Shrimpers Heaven, which isn't actually on the appetizer menu, but hey! Were different! 

The food finally arrived after waiting for what seemed like eternity, and what stood before us had our jaws dropped to the floor. Four large cones filled with a variety of gorgeous sea food stared back at us, just begging for us to eat them. And we did.

The dish came with three dipping sauces and fries and was thoroughly enjoyable. Each type of shrimp had a different flavour, and my personal fave was the Chilled Peel 'n' Eat shrimp. This was because it has such a delicious juicy flavour from the secret recipes buried within the confines of the Bubba Gump Kitchen. Then the mains arrived. We ordered Pear and Berry Salad, cos you know, being healthy and everything, a Forrest's Seafood Feast and Jenny's Catch with Lobster Butter Sauce x2. Heaven was on earth.

The struggle to finish every delicous morsel was real, so thank the unicorns for take away bags. Hooray for cardboard boxes!!!! The mains were beautiful, the presentation, the sensory aestheticism of the meal, everything was incredible. And now we move on to desserts, my personal favourite course.

As we were all pretty much stuffed anyway, we ordered one The Hook, Line and Sinker which consisted of three sample desserts from the menu which we all consumed with much difficulty.

Overall the experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I will definitely be returning again. The only downside is that there is only one in the entire UK and because of this reason and for the incredible atmosphere, this meal will NOT be cheap. But hey, whats the cost of one meal for an entire lifetime of satisfaction. Think about it.

Thank you sooooo much for reading! I will put pictures of all the food below to make you all salivate.
Stay fabulous!
Mwah from Mel xx

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  1. I have to agree with you on the price there, therefore I don't dine there very often, but their smoothies are too die for!

    1. Yes it is definitely a one time thing! But you are 100% correct the smoothies are lip smackingly luscious!


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