Teens Tell Their Story: SPOTS. (The Struggles of Being a Teen)

July 26, 2015

So this weeks topics are hormones and stress, but I want to deviate a little from those topics to I subject I know only too well.

I get spots, okay? I do! And I absolutely hate them, as I'm sure all teens do. It's all part of puberty, hormones, boobs, sweating and all that. But at the prime age of 16, I have, unfortunately, become very used to getting spots and the struggles I have to go through to remove them. So for me, personally, pimples are one of the worst struggles any teen has to cope with, and I am here to tell you why.

1. CONFIDENCE AND HOW SPOTS MANAGE TO MAKE IT DISAPPEAR. I wish the spots would disappear instead. For example, when you wake up in the morning, fully refreshed, planning on how hot your gonna look today in your new top, getting out of a hot steamy shower like the model you are, look in the mirror and DAAAAAMN. Since when did a mountain form on your face? Since when was it okay to have two noses? And now my day consists of no makeup, hiding under a blanket in a hoodie, hating the world and yourself because of the eigth wonder of the world that is your ripe golden zit (I apologize for the gory detailing). If you're anything like me, I have an EXTREME lack of self confidence and never ever, EVER leave the house without looking my best. So when I get a spot, I go OTT with stress which raises hormone levels and just makes it bigger and more prominent, which causes more stress, hormones etc. ( like a vicious bacteria infected circle).

2. NO MAKEUP IN THE HISTORY OF CREATION WILL EVER FULLY COVER A SPOT. Sometimes, it only makes it stand out more *cries from lack of hope*.  And you have that painful annoying little voice at the best of your head whispering "everyone can still see it, you spent three hours covering it up for no reason". Ew. I hate my overactive imagination. This just proves that celebrities are spot-allergic aliens.

3. AT SCHOOL PEOPLE WILL STARE, IN FACT EVERYWHERE YOU GO SOMEONE WILL STARE. Which will make you feel like you want to curl up and die from embarrassment. But hey, guess what? At least you have only one spot on their face, you should check out their back.

4. NO MATTER HOW MUCH EXERCISE YOU DO, HOW CLEAN YOU ARE, HOW MUCH CHOCOLATE YOU LOCK AWAY, SPOTS LAST FOREVER. Unfortunately, spots will always be a struggle that every teen has to face. Face, spots ah get it? I apologize for my non-funny humor. So yes, keeping clean and not eating sugary treats definitely helps, but we are not all perfect.

Hopefully I am not the only one who can relate to any of these struggles, and to those who have spots, be proud of your imperfections! No one can make you feel inferior or embarrassed unless you let them! We all have hormones, we all go through puberty, you can't change that. But... If anyone knows of any makeup that belongs in Hogwarts because it magically covers spots, PLEASE TELL ME!

Spots reduction recommendations:

I have tried and tested the very best and worst of spot treatments, so my favourites are listed here:

Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser, ie heaven in a squeezy tube.

Freederm gentle daily facial wash, The exfoliation opens pores, keeps spots away and gets rid of blackheads. Thank you Freederm gods.

Tea tree oil. Literally ANYTHING which has tea tree oil will work wonders on spot prone skin.

Thank you for reading and have a magical day!

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