Thoughts on the 14 Day Slendertoxtea Detox Tea! + a Giveaway!

June 16, 2015

Hey Loves!

I was sent the 14 day detox by the lovely people at Slendertoxtea. I was super excited when it arrived, I love the bright packaging. If you haven't heard of them, Slendertoxtea is a brand which sells affordable but quality and safe detoxes ranging from smoothies to teas (and they even have their own mug to put them in!) So if you want to loose a couple of pounds this summer, or you want to slim down a bit for Prom, definitely try this!

The purpose of the teatox is to flush out your system with the colon cleanse then leave you still feeling energised and refreshed throughout the day. They do this with natural ingredients as well!

I have been using this tea for a week now and I have been quite impressed with how effective it is. I have noticed a larger amount more definition in my abdominal region, and I never feel bloated during the day.

I have also noticed a difference in my weight, because I have lost 3 kg which around 6 pounds! 

I have never been much of a tea drinker, but over the past couple of days I have gotten used to drinking the tea. I just have it with water, no milk and sugar. It is quite plain, and just ends up having a bit of a weird aftertaste! But it honestly depends on how long you brew the drink for, the company suggests 2-3 minutes, but I have brewed it for longer for the past few days to get more out of it.

The tea works like a laxative, so you might be running to the toilet more often in the first couple of days, however it tends to whittle down to your regular cycle.

Finally, Slendertoxtea have been super kind to offer a giveaway for you wonderful lot! You will be winning a wonderful 14 Night Detoxing Tea, worth £9.99! The details are below, you must be following my blog to enter, and have fun!

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