My Summer Bucket List

June 20, 2015

Hey my loves!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the lovely weather that we have been having recently (I am hoping it will last *touchwood*)

I feel like my summers are always really unproductive as all I really do is stay in my house and watch TV, which really isn't that good. I haven't planned to go on holiday this year, so I decided to make a Summer Bucket List to be more productive with my Summer!
1. Read at least 15 books
2. Have a picnic
3. Go to a theme park
4. Tie-Dye Shirts
5. See 2 films in the cinema
6. Have a water fight
7. Have an all day movie Marathon 
8. Build a fort out of blankets and pillows
9. Have a sleepover on a trampoline 
10. Make popsicles/ice lollies
11. Draw with chalk on a driveway
12. Climb a tree
13. Do the mentos and coke trick thingy 
14. Spend a full day taking photos
15. Go on a hike
16. Make a summer memories jar
17. Write a diary
18. Compliment 20 people in a day
19. Photo bomb someone
20. Dance in the rain
21. Create a summer music playlist 
22. do the beanboozled challenge
23. Vlog a week in your life
24. Take 10 tumblr-worthy photos
25. Make a time capsule 
26. Make friendship bracelets 
27. Prank call someone
28. Make someone's day
29. Be a yes man for a day
30. Workout at dawn
31. Have a shopping spree in a thrift or charity store
32. Order breakfast in a cute cafe
33. Go to m and m world
34. Write two short stories
35. Write to a penpal and get a reply
36. Bake 5 times
37. Draw 10 things in my sketchbook 
38. Knit 3 things
39. Go to a new restaurant 
40. Start a photo collage 
41. Make a rainbow cake
42. Finish my Wreck This Journal
43. Go to the beach
44. Go water sorting
45. Make ice- cream

I hope that you can find this post really useful and that you guys make a bucket list too!

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