My Bookmark Collection! (June 2015)

June 09, 2015

So a while ago I noticed that some of the booktubers I follow (Catriona and Sasha) were doing bookmark collection videos on their YouTube channels.

I have never really had loads of bookmarks, but I thought that today I would show you mine because if you know me or have followed my blog, you would know that I am a huge fan of reading young adult/teen novels and love reading novels by British authors as well.

So for years I have always dog eared the pages in the books I have read, but after building up my own collection of books, I realised that it is actually a really unattractive habit. I think that I started dog-earring my books because I never had anything around me that I could use to mark my page in a book. Also I had difficulty in the past with bookmarks because sometimes they slip out or get ruined, so I lost my page and that was really irritating for me! 

I am trying to stop because I know that I dog eared a plethora of books I obtained from the library, and I really want to start keeping my books in a better condition.

Anyways, here are the bookmarks that I own!

Small bookmarks
Left: Silver bookmark received from a family friend
Right: a D.I.Y. (Will post!)

All of these are D.I.Y bookmarks (but I haven't made a post on any of them)

My bought bookmarks; left to right;
-Night School By C. J. Daugherty bookmark I got at #UKYAExtravaganza
-Ariel Bissett Bookmark that Ariel gave me at #UKYAExtravaganza
- Laminated Heart Bookmark from a Scholastic book fair.
-Polar Bear Bookmark from my library.

Those are all the bookmarks that I own, but I plan to get some more soon! 
Let me know if you like this, and maybe I'll do bookmark hauls or something! Also if you know of any bookmark sellers then please let me know! I would be super interested in hearing your suggestions!

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I love those Jandy Nelson inspired bookmarks you made. I love her books. I buy mine from Amazon, you can get some really nice ones from £1.99 but i like your home made ones just as much.
    Gill @book_magpie

    1. Hey Gill!
      I love Jandy Nelson too! I have only actually read The Sky is Everywhere though, have you read I'll give you The Sun? If so, did you like it?
      I'd love to know!
      Also thanks for letting me know about Amazon selling bookmarks, for some reason I have thought to look there!
      Rachel x

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Lovely bookmarks. I used to just use bits of paper as bookmarks, now I have quite a few different ones. I like to use photos too. I love your homemade ones.

    1. Thank you! I have never seen someone who uses photos as bookmarks, that seems really cool! Do you use the sort of photostrips you can get in photobooths or just regular photos? I'm interested!
      Rachel x


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