Magnitone Lucid Review! and Coupon Code

June 28, 2015

So if you didn't know, Magnitone is a great brand, selling electric face brushes. These are particular brushes that promote cell turnover, and freshen and renew your skin. The Magnitone Lucid is a range of brushes in an array of colours which I have loved for a long time.
There are a plethora of electric face brushes on the market nowadays, but I have always wanted and loved the Magnitone brushes, because they had amazing reviews and are stunning! I actually had to think of another adjective to describe them there)

Magnitone has a seven day promise for clearer, smoother and brighter skin. Many other people have done the seven day challenge, and there is a lot of proof that it works and your skin will respond really well to the product! That's what I am testing out!

When you buy the product, there is a selection of 4 different colours to choose from Sunshine Yellow, Dazzling Blue, Aqua Green and Plush Pink! (I got the Aqua Blue one) They also have a limited edition Pixie Lott Lucid which is a gorgeous Magenta! (And it comes with a funky headband)

The brushes are all travel size and the brush heads are meant to last a couple of months depending on how you use them. You might stunt their life a little by washing off all your makeup with them or pushing them too hard on your face!
What you do to use the brushes is rinse your face well with warm water to open your pores, then apply your cleanser or face wash to the centre of the brush and turn it on. Scrub your face in circular motions until the brush switches off.

I think the brush is awesome because it. comes with an in-built timer so that you can have an even wash and don't over scrub your face. The timer beeps every 20 seconds so you can move on to another area of my face. You start with your forehead and nose, then cheek and then from your temple to your chin, then from your other temple to your chin.

The brush has two settings; the normal and the sensitive setting. The normal setting is the first one, to activate this all you need to do is turn the brush on- it's the default setting. This is very exfoliating and very quickly and is perfect for an exfoliating cleanse. The sensitive setting is great for starting out and I used it for the first couple days as it is recommended.

The Magnitone is also a fantastic addition to your holiday makeup bag; it is super compact! It's only a little larger than my phone (iPhone 5S) and it cups in my hand almost perfectly. You can get a travel case for it or just stick it in your makeup bag! The brush comes with a lid so it won't get dirty! 
The fact that it is so small is also amazing because I that means all the smaller areas of your face such as by your nose and behind and around your ears is easily exfoliatable (is that even a word?) 

Lots of people have issues with the brushes making mess or spraying bits of face wash and water everywhere, however with the Safeguard Bristle on the brush head that comes with the product I had no issues with the face wash making mess. The Safeguard Bristles act to protect you from excess sprayage, and they are the ring of grey bristles towards the outer edge of the brush.

I also have to add how awesome the charger is- somehow by some ultra magnetic awesomeness, the charger just sticks to the Lucid. That also means that the Lucid is 100% waterproof and doesn't need to be kept away from water.  That means its okay to keep it in the shower or bathroom, just remember to leave it face down or on its side so it can dry and the water and dampness can dry out of it. I know that some face brushes are only water resistant and cannot withstand water, maybe because of batteries or the brush, but this is safe around water.

I don't know how much more I can say other than that I love it- the product is absolutely gorgeous and it works so well on my skin, since the first day of using it. If I know any of you guys personally I might have asked you to you touch my face so you can feel how soft it is. 

I noticed a difference in the texture of my face after day one or two (it sounds so weird I know) and after a full week I noticed my skin wasn't only soft, it was clearer too! And to only add an extra minute to your cleansing routine is amazing!

Recently I have been getting breakouts and it arrived just at the right time! I use this brush with the ASDA Young Skin Foaming Facial Wash which is alright but I want to try something different. I take a small amount (about the size or a £1 coin) and put it in the middle of the brush.

This product is suitable for all skin types, so if your oily or sensitive or dry, and can't find a good brush without the fear of using the wrong one; this one is so versatile, you won't have to worry!

My only issue which is teeny tiny is that whenever I tried to take off the lid of the brush I accidentally took off the brush head, but that's because I know I was doing to wrong! I would prefer it if the brush head was a bit stiffer though!

I am really excited to try some more of the brush heads- you can replace the original head by buying a new one for around £15. However in my box I got a £5 off all Magnitone products coupon! I am not sure if that comes in every box but I can't wait to use it!

This product really ticks all the boxes!

Comes with;
Magnitone Lucid Brush
Magnetic Travel Charger
Active Clean Brush Head
Usage instructions
12 Month Warranty

Additional Products:
Active Clean Replacement Heads
Sensitive Replacement Heads
Silk Bliss- Luxury Heads Replacement
Lucid Travel Case (no longer available on Magnitone website)

The Magnitone Lucid retails for £69.99 in most stores and online, however with my discount code you can get it for 20% off! Yay! Buy here!

Use Code : BLOVE20
For 20% off The Magnitone Lucid

Let me know if you used the code or have the brush!
I hope that you guys pick up this product too!
You Glow Girl!

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