The Ultimate Prom Guide! (Necklines and Dress Lengths: The 411)

May 07, 2015

So guys,

I hear to Prom season is arriving. Can I get a hellll yeeahhh (heelll yeaahhh).
So for girls, Prom is the ultimate school event. In the UK we get two, lucky us. So now that it is arriving, I have a couple of ideas for all of you fashion-conscious bunch! I really wanted to help you guys out, because Prom is a really special occasion, and I want you guys to really enjoy it!


So the neckline for the dress is really important so your top half can look nice in all the photographs.

Sweetheart necklines look good on people with a medium cleavage. If you aren't really confident or have a larger bust, try a semi sweetheart. If you want something comfortable, maybe you shouldn't try this option, because sometimes it became scratchy or doesn't hold up well, but this is different for every dress.

A bandeau or tube neckline (or straight across in the picture) is not the best choice if you have a large bust as they don't lay flat against your chest easily. For people with small busts these can look great on you.

Semi Sweetheart Necklines are perfect for any one with a larger bust, or not as much confidence to go for a full sweetheart. This have a more subtle 'v' shape and make for a more elegant dress.

V- Neck dresses are very flattering on many body types, especially if you have a smaller to average shoulder span. They tend to come with deeper V's, showing off more cleavage than many, so be aware of that when dress shopping.

Asymmetric, or one shoulder dresses are an amazing choice for anyone. They do work a little bit better if you have a smaller bust, but that depends on the style of the dress. Some straps on asymmetric dresses do really have support, whereas some are more for decoration. I have posted designs below showing the types.

Off shoulder Dresses are great for any girl who wants them, really. Once again, they work better on smaller busts because of the amount of support it gives (lucky things) but as long as you have a good bra, girls, it could work for anyone. This tends to have a more boho feel, but I honestly really like it.

High Neck and Halter strap dresses are usually for girls who have toned arms and shoulders, but I personally don't really like them on myself because they look awkward. Some people say that it works best on broader shoulders, but I am not the biggest fan of this. I would steer more toward a regular halter. If you have a large bust, I would recommend this, because although you will have support, the strong material will accentuate the size of your cleavage.

Boat Necklines accentuate your shoulderspan, perfect for anyone looking to add some shape to their body. They tend to be a little bit more popular with bustier girls, but could work for anyone.

Jewel necklines are quite conservative and are great for adding accessories and when it comes to comfortability. They are quite popular and can work super easily. They are perfect for any body shape.

A scoop neck is a great choice for girls who want something simple or have an athletic or boyish shape. They can work on pretty much any body shape though, and are very comfortable as they don't need pulling up 24:7.

A square neckline is great for people who aren't very confident. They also work really well on hourglass shapes and bustier girls. Definitely consider a dress with this neckline if you know you'll be doing a little a dancing!

Plunge necklines are not very conservative and a lot of schools have a rule against having one. A similar and better choice is the plunge illusion neckline, which is great for girls wanting some show but still going with her school's rules. Plunge's can be subtle or huge, but

Dress Lengths

Short Dresses are good for girls with long or medium legs. I wouldn't suggest this if you have a short torso or you are short, as it makes you look quite stubby. Also if you want to wear this, have nice legs, and shave them! :D

Midi Dresses are great for any girls who have larger thighs, large butts (like me). These dresses really accentuate your curves and make you look great! Wearing these dresses when you're tall makes you look even taller, as they give you then illusion of a longer torso, so I don't really suggest this for tall girls.

Tea length dresses are great for any tiny people. They make you look taller than you are and tend to have some volume and sway.

Dropped waist dresses put more emphasise on your hips, so definitely take a look at these if you want to show off your derrière. It doesn't really add height, but if you have a very short torso, then try this out.

Tutu style dresses are great if your are pear shaped or you want to hide your derrière because they tend to be very fitted on your top half, then flay out towards your hips. This are usually very girly dresses and I love them a lot. These are short dresses though the majority of the time, unless you go full out ball gown.

For apple shapes, definitely try empire waist dresses or other dresses with high waists. This give you a lot of leg length and are amazing to give you a nice waist.

Ball Gowns are the Cinderella style dresses that we all imagine we what for our wedding when we are little. These can be used to equal out apple shapes as they have large hips but don't work on very short or very tall people. If you are very short or very tall, then try tea length (if you're short) or short tutu style dresses (if you're tall).

A line dresses give you a lovely flowing look, I would say that this is better for small to average height girls.

Mermaid dresses look beautiful on hourglass or boyish figures depending on where they have the most body. Most of them tend to flay out between the thighs and knees, and really show off beautiful body types.

Peplum dresses give extra material to balance out top heavy girls. However, sometimes peplums can look too mature so beware!

High low dresses (asymmetric drop dresses) are perfect if you have great (shaved) legs! They are amazing and so many celebs use them, so I would suggest this if you have nice, pretty legs.

I hope that you liked this post, sorry for being so AWOL and catch you later!

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