Jessica Cole: Code Red Lipstick By Sarah Sky- Review

May 13, 2015

My rating: 4 of 5

Code Red Lipstick is the first book in the Jessica Cole Novel Series. I wasn't particularly sure that I would like this book because Spy/Mystery Stories have never really appealed to me. However, this book positively surprised me and exceeded my pretty low expectations.

I had pretty low expectations for this book, not because I didn't think the author was very good, but because I wasn't really a fan of the genre and I personally hadn't heard any outstanding reviews of the book.

So this book is about teenage model Jessica Cole, and the lengths she goes to when her sick ex-spy father, Jack Cole goes missing somewhat mysteriously.

The story is partly set here, and partly set in another country (I am not going to say where because of spoilers) Jessica is a very awkward yet fun teen and I really enjoyed reading about her.

Sarah Sky did an amazing job on writing the novel Code Red Lipstick, and I am quite interested in reading the next instalment, which I will definitely be reading sometime.

I feel that this novel is a little bit more for people a little bit younger than me, so that is why I gave it a slighter lower score. That didn't stop me from enjoying it though. I think that people my age would enjoy it too, but it really depends on maturity levels.

I would definitely recommend it to any child (girls and guys) between ages 10-13 because it isn't really a girly book as such, apart from the small areas where she talks about her crush. Otherwise, the mystery was super enjoyable, it wasn't a particularly heavy read and it was well written.

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