Write 100 Words Challenge! Part Two

February 09, 2015

Hey Sweeties,

Back in December I told you guys all about the challenge that Lily and I are hosting, the Write 100 Words Challenge. Basically, every month a blogger will be tagged to Write 100 Words to continue the story. So last month, Lily started the story. Are you guys ready for the second instalment?

Here it is! The new section is in italics

No one told me love would hurt this much. I don't mean like "oh my heart is breaking I'm going to die I can't eat I can't sleep!!" (Can’t eat? Nope - don't have that problem!) I mean how I just skidded over a massive patch of ice and fell over on my wrist; carrying Toni's shopping for her. God, how many shoe boxes does one girl need? Oh Ow. It really hurts - OK yep that's broken. That is... that's my bone. Sticking out of my wrist. Oh my God. OH. MY. GOD. Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod.
"Ummm... Toni?" She saunters over, black hair swinging lazily in the wind.
"What is it, Michael? I'm kinda on a busy schedule - oh shit is that your wrist?! It's totally broken! Can I Instagram it?!"
"Uh... could you call an ambulance first... I think I'm gonna..."
"Michael! Hey! Don't faint!"

I awake to the scent of lemon disinfectant and blinding brightness of St. James’ Hospital. My head spins and I remember nothing, until I feel the ever-so-reminding shooting throbs up my arm.
“Oh shit.” I say softly.
My memories slowly start to recollect. Toni... Boxing Day Shopping... My wrist. I didn't even realize as Maxwell swiftly manoeuvred himself past the curtain. 
“Hey Princess, finally woken up from your nap have ya?” He smiles mockingly, his too-long fringe sweeping into his eyes.

There you go!

The total word count is 229 right now, which is a little more than it should be, but that is completely okay! 

I am now going to tag Lucy from Queen of Contemporary! I think she will do a great job with the next part.

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