Updates- New Stuff, Posts and a Giveaway?

February 04, 2015

Hey Guys!

I am always trying to make this blog a better experience for all of you guys. I would love for you guys to give me feedback and make it better. I have also been planning and working hard to make an amazing blog!

So I have made a list of 5 things that will be happening on my blog soon!

1. Posts

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll realize that I have gotten into a phase/mood posting schedule. Recently I write a hell of a lot about books! I wrote a beauty post, which was my first in a long time! I am working on a lot of new beauty, D.I.Y. and fashion posts to go with my regular posts.
If you have an amount of posts you'll like me to do per week or something. (E.G. 3 posts a week or 15 posts a month) then please let me know and I will try my best to meet you guys' expectations! I am trying to post about 8-10 times a month right now. each a different segment.

2. Giveaway?

Soooo... Yes, there will be a giveaway! When I get to 100 bloglovin' followers (Right now I am 40-something, so hopefully by the summer) I will be doing a small blog giveaway to celebrate! If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the giveaway, let me know please! I do have some ideas up my sleeve. Please share this blog with your friends if you enjoy it. And if you haven't, please subscribe!

3. Banners and Widgets

I recently changed my blog banner from my Christmas one back to the regular collage that I've had for a while. But I want my blog to look a bit more professional but still fun, so I have created a new banner and design too!
I hope that I can launch them quite soon!
Some of you may have seen the NEW 'About Me' Widget which I am really excited about! That is already up and is on the right hand side of the blog and I have put it below if you want to see!

So that's about all that is new right now!

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