Friday Finds and Feature Follow Friday!

February 20, 2015

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So today I decided to do a what-I-call 'Meme Mix Up'. They are both Friday memes, and I am not a big fan of posting two separate posts a day, so I chose to make this post. The memes I am doing are Friday Finds and Feature Follow Friday.

Friday Finds showcases the books you ‘found’ and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list… (they aren’t necessarily books you purchased).
The point of Feature Follow Friday is to meet friends and increase followers.

I also really wanted to get people interested in other memes, and doing Meme Mix Ups are probably going to be helpful


And I to my TBR...



Descendants Series- Melissa Wright
Something Like Hope- Shawn Goodman
Purple Heart- Patricia McCormick
Perfectly Good White Boy- Carrie Mesrobian
OyMG- Amy Fellner Dominy
Rosie Hopkins Sweet shop of Dreams- Jenny Colgan, (in audiobook form)

I actually have a lot more books but I am going to post them in a future post.

Increase Blog Followers

This weeks Question:
Do you like fantasy or realistic books? via The Realm of Books

That's hard. I like both! This is why it is hard;
Harry Potter is fantasy, but it is set on Earth and has realistic aspects and magical aspects.

Everybody Sees The Ants is realistic, but it has some unexplainable things happening in it.

So I am gonna pass on this one, I think. 

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  1. I am a total mood reader. Fantasy, Contemporary or a combination of the two. If it catches my eye and my imagination at the moment I pick the next book to read, it really doesn't matter which type.

    New Bloglovin' follower

    My FF this week

    1. Same! Followed you back :D When I did my FF I was thinking, 'but I like both, it depends how I'm feeling...'

  2. I like chick lit, but sometimes I want to read some fantasy book.
    I'm new GFC and Bloglovin' follower,
    Silvy @Books are my life

  3. I am more of a fantasy book reader. I like to escape reality and read about new worlds like Hogwarts;)
    Hahaha I like your blog design it's cute.
    New Follower:)
    My F&F
    (Also I'm hosting a Spotlight blog tour if you are interested click here)

    -Marii @The Words Written

    1. Thank You for complimenting my blog design, it is pretty new! :D I am checking out yours now, love your banner. And I have to think about signing up for the tour, but I will let you know!

      New GFC follower :D
      Rachel x

  4. I love fantasy! I love imagining all these places, people, and creatures that could never exist in our world. (:

    New follower via GFC & Bloglovin!

    Here's my FF!

    1. Great!

      Old follower via bloglovin', new follower via GFC!

      Rachel x

  5. FANTASY!!! FANTASY FANTASY FANTASY IS AWESOME! <3 Hehe. Like you though, I still love both. I love Contemporary but Fantasy just owns my heart! :D

    New follower via Bloglovin', follow back?
    ~Fari @ My Little Corner for Books

    1. That's great!

      Followed you back via Bloglovin' Fari x
      Rachel xx

  6. I am a Paranormal freak but I also love some great romance anything from historical to erotic so I guess both would be my answer.

    My FF

    followed via GFC

  7. I've heard some talk about Perfectly Good White Boy, and so far it's been good things. I thought I added it to my TBR already, but apparently I didn't, so I will be doing so right after I stalk more posts on your blog lol.


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