MUA Hall of Fame Swatches and Review!

February 25, 2015

You all should know by now my obsession with affordable beauty and MUA is one of my all time favourite brands to get! The majority of the products I have tested are amazing quality so I love the brand a hell of a lot! I decided that I have been procrastinating this review for too long because I bought this product in October last year, and I think I have used it frequently enough to give a full review of it today.

The MUA Hall Of Fame Palette is a selection of the top 12 most used eyeshadows made by MUA. It is small and compact, and weighs approximately 9.6 grams. Here are the swatches!

I really like all the colours and the I haven't used them all, but I have used Bare, Rose-Ash, Lion and Titan a lot. I have tried them both on my sister and myself and they work really well, they are really pigmented and last super long on. However, it is best you get a primer because it tends to sink into my fine lines a bit. But mine are fairly prominent so I would have expected much more. 

The eyeshadows also come with an eyeshadow brush, but frankly that thing was rubbish and I've either binned in or lost it so I can't say much.

This retails for £4 which is honestly an amazing price for 12 eyeshadows! 

I am planning to do some looks with it for you guys, so watch this space!

My overall rating;

See you guys next time!


Friday Finds and Feature Follow Friday!

February 20, 2015

   Increase Blog FollowersFridayFinds2014j


So today I decided to do a what-I-call 'Meme Mix Up'. They are both Friday memes, and I am not a big fan of posting two separate posts a day, so I chose to make this post. The memes I am doing are Friday Finds and Feature Follow Friday.

Friday Finds showcases the books you ‘found’ and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list… (they aren’t necessarily books you purchased).
The point of Feature Follow Friday is to meet friends and increase followers.

I also really wanted to get people interested in other memes, and doing Meme Mix Ups are probably going to be helpful


And I to my TBR...



Descendants Series- Melissa Wright
Something Like Hope- Shawn Goodman
Purple Heart- Patricia McCormick
Perfectly Good White Boy- Carrie Mesrobian
OyMG- Amy Fellner Dominy
Rosie Hopkins Sweet shop of Dreams- Jenny Colgan, (in audiobook form)

I actually have a lot more books but I am going to post them in a future post.


The Perks Of Being A Wallflower- Book Review

February 17, 2015

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Steven Chbosky

I wasn't a huge fan of this book. I enjoyed the book, but it wasn't my favourite novel. I am yet to watch the film though, which I think I will enjoy better than the book.

When the novel starts, we find out the one of Charlie's friends, Michael I think, committed suicide. This has had quite an effect on Charlie, because they were obviously quite close and Charlie hasn't been good at making friends. That is why he is starting the story.
The novel is written in letters, all addressed to this elusive person that even Charlie doesn't know. I think that this was to demonstrate that Charlie just wanted someone in his life who would listen to him. He is a pretty lonely kid.
He is fifteen and starting high school, alone, with no friends. He tells us a couple of stories about being in middle school but the book is set in 1991-92 mainly, while Charlie is a teenager and his first years of being in high school.

As Charlie progresses through high school we see him make friends and his writing ultimately becomes better. His progress can be seen a lot throughout the book as he becomes happier. But OMG WHY DID HE CRY SO MUCH? I have never read a book where the main protagonist cries so often throughout the story. I feel that because he was writing in letters, he just missed out all or a lot of the uneventful days where nothing really happened, but it sort of messes up the book for me that he is continually crying for no good reason. Maybe because in 1991 I wasn't a teenager, it could have been different, but in my head because I see teenagers nowadays, I wouldn't think of them to cry so much.

Some scenes were pretty graphic but I liked that, because they are all real life events, and it is great how Chbosky made his characters go through them.

I wanna go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show though.

I don't hate the book, it just isn't my favourite.

My Overall Rating;


The Liebster Award!

February 15, 2015

Once again, I am a very bad person.

The lovely Chinella from La La Chic nominated me to do this last month! And what did I do? I sat at home, on Pinterest. Sorry Chinella.

The award, which Chinella explains really well, is for new or quiet bloggers who want recognitions for the effort they put in to their blog. It was so kind of her to tag mee!
Yes, although I am a very loud person, I am a quiet-ish blogger. I think. Hehehe :D

Well, I am gonna do it now, and I really hope that I do it justice! Thank you so much Chinella for nominating me!
Rules for the Liebster Award:
Thank the person who nominated you, *mentally ticks off*
Answer the questions given,
Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 bloglovin' followers and link their blogs
Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer
Notify all nominees by social media.

What inspired you to start blogging?
I love to write, and read, and I love the internet. Then one day I flew to the top of the mango tree on my broomstick and my cat and I put those into a cauldron and *BHAM!* Blog.
Just kidding ya! But it was sort of like that. I was always interesting in tech-y stuff, as well as reading and writing, and when I first heard of the blog scene, and knew I wanted to join in!
Have you ever felt like giving up?
Yes, and I have twice! That is when I just need a 'break'. I gave up my fashion blogs that I have before because they just weren't me to be completely honest, I wanted something more- and I think I've found it here.
Where do u wish to see your blog in the next one year?
Where everyone whats to see their blogs, bigger, better, more consistent! My goal is to get to 100 bloglovin' followers by my Birthday though, I think I can do it! Maybe...
Who are your favourite bloggers?
All of them. No joke.
What keeps u motivated to blog?
My photography, and my audience. If I see something I like, I will be like, "This is going on the blog!" Then some snaps are taken of it and it is kept on my camera for a couple weeks before I remember and go through the process of editing and writing.
Tell us something about your blog
It's about me! Hehehe :D 
tell us something about yourself
I love baking, cooking, sewing, and more! I am a very crafty person.
Mary's father has 5 daughters Lala, Lele, Lili,Lolo. What is the name of the 5th daughter?
Lulu, wait no, Mary!
If you threw a White stone into the Red sea, what would it become?
If you were in a dark room with a candle, a woodstove, a match and a gas lamp which do u light first?
The match!
Did  you goggle the last three questions before you got the correct answers?
Nope, maybe... ;D

My questions!
  1. Describe your blog in one sentence. With ten words.
  2. If you had £1000 to invest in your blog, what would you do?
  3. What's your favourite blog?
  4. What type of blogger are you?
  5. What do you do when haters comment on your blog?
  6. If I was reading your blog, what would you want your blog to say about you?
  7. Help! A rogue cheese grater is running around your town, chasing cars and attacking lollipop men! What do you do? You have 38 minutes, a bottle of moisturizer, a lampshade and a mobility scooter!
  8. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
  9. What's your least favourite thing about blogging?
  10. Is your middle name Jeremy? Would you ever change your middle name to Jeremy?
  11. If it was possible to have a full time job as a blogger, would you take the chance?

Also, I am tagging;

It was actually pretty hard to find people to tag, because this tag has already been very popular, so everyone has done it, but I found my eleven, who I think haven't done it (I think) but if you have, you don't have to, but my questions are completely new, aren't they? So they should be very fun to do still.


January Favourites 2015!

February 12, 2015

Hey Sweeties,

So yes, this is very, very late.
I know, I am sorry!

So I decided to do a favourites post, although it is mid to late February. Yep, lol.
So these are the 6 things that really made me jump for joy in January.

  • The 'I Love...' brand is an absolute trendsetter this month, my friend got me their shower gel gift set and this is possibly my favourite out of them all right now. It is The Raspberry and Blackberry scent and it literally smells... so... good... Mmmmm. :D I talked about its sister product before The Banana Split, back in my September Bath Favourites too! This is a small bottle but it comes in a larger bottle, if you are going travelling soon this could be perfect, or maybe if you just want a little treat, definitely worth the coins!
  • My D.I.Y. Vaseline! So yes, you guys were possibly thinking, once again, because this probably isn't the first time... Rachel, what on Earth is that? Well my friends, my friends and I created D.I.Y. Tinted Lip Balms with Crayons! I will have a D.I.Y. on it soon, along with a review probably, but I think I need to adapt the recipe a little bit. But, expect it soon! This is also super cheap to make!
  • The Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover. This, priced only £1, is by far the best ever nail polish remover I have used. I can use one cheap old cotton pad soaked in it and do all my nails! It is very strong, so you can use a lot less of it. My sister has been using it for an agee and I was always using a bit of it. But now... no more! I would genuinely rank this higher than any other Nail Polish Remover I've used, like the Allura, Cutex and more!
  • OMG, Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate is probably the only reason I got through the winter, enough said.
  • You guys probably didn't even know what this next one is, but it is actually The X-mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker. You can use it with anything that has an audio jack and always brings out great quality sound. I bought mine out in France ages ago, but now I'm a getting into using it more, and trust me it is really good. It is also super affordable, priced at around £15. 
  • Finally I have The Rimmel London Retro Glam Scandaleyes. You guys might know this already, but I am not really that big of a Makeup Junkie, but I swear, this is the most perfect mascara for me. It isn't that pricey, and it gives out a nice natural look. I have another Sacndaleyes, but I prefer this one much better! I want to try out some more Rimmel products now, because of the amazing quality of this!
So those are the six items that I loved so much last month, and you will hear from me soon!

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2015 Challenges

Write 100 Words Challenge! Part Two

February 09, 2015

Hey Sweeties,

Back in December I told you guys all about the challenge that Lily and I are hosting, the Write 100 Words Challenge. Basically, every month a blogger will be tagged to Write 100 Words to continue the story. So last month, Lily started the story. Are you guys ready for the second instalment?

Here it is! The new section is in italics

No one told me love would hurt this much. I don't mean like "oh my heart is breaking I'm going to die I can't eat I can't sleep!!" (Can’t eat? Nope - don't have that problem!) I mean how I just skidded over a massive patch of ice and fell over on my wrist; carrying Toni's shopping for her. God, how many shoe boxes does one girl need? Oh Ow. It really hurts - OK yep that's broken. That is... that's my bone. Sticking out of my wrist. Oh my God. OH. MY. GOD. Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod.
"Ummm... Toni?" She saunters over, black hair swinging lazily in the wind.
"What is it, Michael? I'm kinda on a busy schedule - oh shit is that your wrist?! It's totally broken! Can I Instagram it?!"
"Uh... could you call an ambulance first... I think I'm gonna..."
"Michael! Hey! Don't faint!"

I awake to the scent of lemon disinfectant and blinding brightness of St. James’ Hospital. My head spins and I remember nothing, until I feel the ever-so-reminding shooting throbs up my arm.
“Oh shit.” I say softly.
My memories slowly start to recollect. Toni... Boxing Day Shopping... My wrist. I didn't even realize as Maxwell swiftly manoeuvred himself past the curtain. 
“Hey Princess, finally woken up from your nap have ya?” He smiles mockingly, his too-long fringe sweeping into his eyes.

There you go!

The total word count is 229 right now, which is a little more than it should be, but that is completely okay! 

I am now going to tag Lucy from Queen of Contemporary! I think she will do a great job with the next part.


5 Ruby Red Lip Products for Her

February 08, 2015

Hey Sweeties,
With V-Day just around the corner, I decided it might really help you guys to make a Drugstore wishlist of the top 5 red lip products on the market!
I am not going to be doing anything this V-Day, as far as I know, but if there are any single ladies reading, then it doesn't matter. We'll reel them in with our kissable lips, shall we?

(In order of left to right)
Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter Wild Watermelon £8.99
If you are looking for something a little more soft and moisturising, check out the Wild Watermelon Colour Burst! With a lovely lip colour in a buttery balm and shiny colour, the Revlon Lip Butter will give you a lovely red lip while not sacrificing the kissable soft lips everyone wants on V-Day because of its hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts.

NYC Cosmetics Lipstick Smooch Proof Red, £3.99
NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain stays put, providing a sheer to intense flush of colour that sticks around longer than most guys in the City.
This is no on-again, off-again relationship. Colour stays faithful for up to 16 hours. Looking for happily ever after for a very happy price? Let your lips do the charming!

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick, Valentine, £2.99
The Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick provides all day lip wear for those out and about in town. This is an easy applying lipstick that creates statement lips. The lipstick contains a unique blend of long-lasting polymers and combined with the long wearing pigments, this helps bind the colour to lips for all day wear.
Hints and Tips: Remember, a high impact pout is the simplest way to add colour to your face, but intense shades need perfect application.

Barry M Lip Paint, Cranberry, £4.49
The Barry M Lip Paint is going to be perfect for those steamy dates. This is made from cocoa butter for a soft and saturated finish. New lip paint enriched with hydrating and lip nourishing ingredients.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Diva Red, £6.49
With vitamins and so much moisture, no need to worry about drying lips! Vitamin A,C,E enriched formula that drenches lips in intense colour and moisture.
Ultra lightweight, comfortable to wear all day.

I hope this is very helpful for you guys!