Getting Healthy? New Years Resolutions

January 02, 2015

So as you probably saw, a couple of days ago I published be New Years Resolutions. I had a small section on getting healthy, saying that I wanted to do the splits and get a six pack and be content with my looks and things... Well, yeah, I do.

Before you exit out of this post or leave me hate, I just want to say that I completely disagree with all those thinning methods and nasty starve-yourself diets. I do not, and I repeat, do not agree that people should aspire to be some tiny skinny person.

I want to be healthy, not skinny. I want to take 2015 as an oppertunity to develop my muscles and increase flexibility. I want 2015 to be the year where I finally tone by abdominal muscles. Maybe I have to lose a little bit of weight on my stomach, but that is only because I strive to get a four pack, and I know I have one, I just have to lose the fat around my stomach and mid area so it can be prominent.

I am not going to stop eating McDonald's or Burger King, but I am going to choose healthier options, which hopefully my body with thank me for. I eat huge 3 meal portions every day, may be I can switch that up to speed up my metabolism a little bit. Drink more water, do more exercise... I am not making huge changes. I just want a better me.

Also, when I say I want to get better looks, I just mean stronger nails, clearer skin, thicker and stronger hair. Nothing the multivitamins can't help with. Not that I am really going to depend on them, I really need to fix up my morning and night routine and other things in my lifestyle to make me better.

I am going to be starting the 30 day shred this year. The results I have seen are amazing and I have done a lot of research into it. I really want to put in the effort into changing my unhealthy lifestyle into something future me will really thank me for.

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