Write 100 Words Challenge! w/ The BookWorm Who Came To Tea!

December 29, 2014

So recently I have spoken in tiny hints on my blog about doing a 2015 challenge. Well, I am announcing it now!

So I am co-hosting this blog post with Lily, from The BookWorm Who Came To Tea (no longer active). I am really excited! The challenge will be running throughout 2015 and I hope that everyone enjoys it!

Here is the information (I am not going to call them rules because they aren't really rules)
- 12 bloggers will be coming together to write an anthology during the year of 2015.
- One blogger will write an 100 word continuation of the last persons 100 words.
- The bloggers pretty much have no rules, Lily and I are not asking for you to base the piece you are writing on anything, as long as it makes sense, and can be linked to the previous pieces, than that;s okay.
- If the audience have any ideas about what should also be inputted into the story, please leave it in the comments! Lily and I are always looking for new prompts and ideas
- What we will do with the novels is not exactly certain, but let us know what you think between January and November and we will figure it out!

I hope to see you guys soon!

Rachel x

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