What I got For Christmas 2014!

December 27, 2014

Hey guys!
I am trying to post this ASAP, just because that's what everyone else is doing...

So this Christmas was pretty quiet. I never really get that many presents for Christmas but I am super lucky to get presents in general compared to those living in a worse state than me, and I am super grateful to everyone who got me a gift. I am not trying to boast or brag about what I got because this is just what people gave to me and I am not spoilt or ungrateful for these things.

My parents didn't get me anything, but this year they did give me some money, which I am going to be saving.

My sisters got me;
- A pair of navy blue converses
- The Pink Holy Pocket Bible, which she saw on my Christian Christmas Wishlist
- Her by Emily Cole , which I asked her for because I couldn't find it anywhere and I really wanted it! This was also on my Christian Wishlist
-A grey and rose gold Floral watch

My friends got me;
- The I love... miniature bubble bath and shower creme collection, because they know I love the strawberries and cream body spray and the banana split shower creme.
- The Studio Lip Gloss and Nail Varnish Duo
- The Sweet Snuggles Yummy Bathing gift set,
- The Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb,
- The Radox Feel Good Shower Heaven Shower Set
- The Academy of Colour Bronzing Collection kit.
- A box of Celebrations.

Once again I am super grateful for all the gifts I received, thank you to everyone!

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