The Earl and the Fairy Vol. 2 Review

December 19, 2014

The Earl and The Fairy, Vol. 02 by Mizue Tani

My rating: 4 of 5
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I really loved reading this story. The plot was cute but there was still so much action and adventure and fun happening in the book. The characters were so much better in this and I enjoyed it so much better than the first!
Th story is about a girl called Lydia, Lydia Carlton. She is a fairy doctor and she was on her way to meet her father, a professor in London when she was kidnapped, then saved by another kidnapper! (Kind of confusing but it is pretty well explained when you read it). Both kidnappers are looking for the same thing; the sword of the Blue Knight Earl, and they will do anything to get it.

This would be a great winter read!

So this review will have spoilers, so if you do not plan on reading this or have read it, please carry on. And to the rest of you who plan on reading it, this is where I must mark the X in blood, but thank you for reading and please feel free to check out some of my other reviews, most of which don't have spoilers.

So, people who have read this, do you love it as much as I did?

I am really excited to read the next couple of books in the series for this book. I really enjoyed it. However do you think the ending was much of a cliffhanger? No particularly for me but that's okay because have moved on from this adventure, they have their climax now!]

I can't believe that Edgar was dragged under the sea by the merpeople. I feel bad because I didn't really like him but I didn't want him to die either. The merpeople rules bother me...

Ermine's death, I was going to cry so hard. I was in a what, 3 hour mourning period? (My Harry Potter on was 4 days, so 3 hours is pretty good.) The weird thing is it was so unclear what she died for, but because she was such a close character to Edgar, how she loved him like the world it was so melancholy to see her go. I really liked her as well.

Also how do you pronounce her name, Ermine?
I pronounce it Err-my-knee or Err-mine, but I don't know!

We saw a very true side of Edgar after Ermine's death, we saw him lose a person he really loved and it was beautiful that he had feelings.

I still like thingy, what's his face, Ermine's brother. Errrmmmmm.... HE HAS A CHANGELING INSIDE HIM YET I CANNOT REMEMBER HIS NAME?! GRRR...

Nico I would love to be my cat, he is so sassy! He could totally be in Mean Girls. Also I love how his relationship with Lydia is so trustworthy.

And finally Lydia, I still like her as a character, but she isn't my favourite. She didn't make very bad decisions in this book, and that is a feature I personally admire in characters.

So that's my review! I hope that you enjoyed it, please share your thoughts too if you have read the book.

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