The 30 x 30 Challenge

December 29, 2014

Hey Guys!

I am so happy that I have gotten such good feedback and comments on the 30 x 30 Challenge.  I am so glad that all of you are taking to it so well and are so positive!

Before the challenge starts in a couple of days, I wanted to leave you with some tips and resources to help you guys through January if you are doing it. I wasn't sure what exactly you guys would need, so I am packing this post full of lessons and equipment and all sorts.

1. Equipment Gathering
So for this challenge I would suggest writing everything down by hand, because that is probably going to be the least distracting for you. I have attempted to do quiet times on my phone or with my laptop beside me and it is so distracting and hard to concentrate when you are sitting in front of a screen. If you need to use you phone, I suggest that you try and use it as scarcely as possible. For example, turning off your Wi-Fi and just using a notes application and the Bible App.
I use my phone to play Praise and Worship Music sometimes, but I keep my phone on lock throughout quiet times and then mute it when I need to focus on anything. I also put it on silent.
For the challenge I am going to be using a devotional book, however if you aren't interested in a book, there are tons of printable studies on the internet you can check out!
Then of course, I am going to need the regular things, i.e. a regular notepad and pens. I like gel pens for this sort of stuff, because they are great for colour coding. Also a couple of highlighters, if you like to highlight quotes, which I do as well. I also got a new Bible for Christmas which I am going to be using from now onwards! But of course you don't have to purchase new equipment, but I'd suggest you just get a spare notebook if you don't have one laying around.

2. Lesson Planning
I like to plan out what I am doing before I start my session. This only takes 2-3 minutes for me. All I do is find something I haven't worked on, maybe a lesson or story I haven't covered or I want to go over something I did in Church, and go from there. If you are doing the printable lessons then this doesn't really apply, unless you've printed off a few and want to just pick from those. If you are inexperienced, or haven't done a quiet time before, I recommend listening to a podcast or sermon.

3. The Soap Method
The SOAP method is an awesome way to study the Bible effectively. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. So as long as you do those things, you will get the best out of that you are learning.

4. Journaling!
If you think that you may get bored of the challenge give up, this will be the best thing for you to do. Yes, a lot of people struggle with putting in the effort and think they have to stare at the clock repeatedly, hoping that one time it will be 4 seconds past the hour and they can pack up and carry on with their lives. I do this too. It's really hard to ease the consistency of quiet times into your lifestyle because of the so many distracting things today.
I suggest making a prayer journal, which I will have a separate, more detailed post on soon. A prayer journal is a much more fun way to dedicate your time to God. It is a lot like a smash book or scrapbook, only it is centered on your relationship with the Lord. You can print off custom prayers for different people in your planning time, or you can create charts and/or activity sheets to do. Its all up to what you are interested in, and if you don't find plain praying and studying particularly appealing, then consider making your time with our Father more exciting!

5. Write Down Your Prayers
I sort of referenced this a little bit before. Writing down your prayers is an excellent way to keep track of what you have covered. You are still praying when you write down the words, because God is reading your thoughts while you put on paper or he is reading your letter to him, however you want to think of it.
Just phrase your prayers like a letter to God. Start with 'Dear Lord', or 'Dear Father', or whatever you like to call God. Then write your prayer down!

Well, in my head I had more tips than that, but oh well, I do have another post to do...

Speak you guys later, and God Bless

Rachel x

If you are interested in participating in the 30 x 30 challenge, then here is the information that you need!

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