Blog Appreciation Post 2014- Part Two- The Blogs I've Enjoyed!

December 24, 2014

These are a series of blogs I have loved reading during the past year! I will also try and write a little bit about them! But these are in no order, because I like all of these blogs, probably not exactly equally, but they all deserve their limelight on mine. That most likely doesn't make sense. Oh well!

  1. Eat Read Glam- This blog is made by a lovely lady named Rosie (I say that because I follow her on Twitter). She is a books and beauty blogger, sort of. Her photos are amazing! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! It is pretty much like she just rented out a studio for her hauls.... I could just stare at them all day.... *goes into a daze staring at NARS lip pencils and make up remover*
  2. Queen of Contemporary a.k.a Lucy The Reader- Okay, so this blog is abso-lutely awesomesauce. Lucy (the blogger behind it) is a teenager from Britain and I think it's so great that the website itself is so well put together. It is so pretty! And I really like her reviews!
  3. Alison Can Read- I just love this blog! This was one of the first book blogs I read and, well, I just love reading all the posts. Also partly in charge of Feature Follow Friday which I have done on my blog a couple of times.
  4. Parajunkee- Probably, maybe, might just be my favourite blog of all time, I really love it. I am subscribed via GFC and email and Bloglovin'. Maybe because her name is Rachel, and my name is Rachel too. Us Rachels stick together y'know. She does review a lot of romance novels which I wouldn't think of picking up, but still love the blog! 
  5. YA Yeah Yeah! Jim is an awesome guy, with an awesome blog. And he loves YA, and indie bookshops. He is also a large part of UKYA, same as the lovely Lucy The Reader.
  6. The Bookworm Who Came To Tea (no longer active)- Lily is a great person! Plus her blog is too, and we have something special for you guys coming up...
  7. The Fashion Of Craft- Really fun and cute-sy blog! I Really enjoy reading her posts. But I want to steal her colour scheme, sometimes :D
  8. A Beautiful Mess- I really like this blog. It is really quirky and fun, I haven't been reading for that long but I have really enjoyed what I have read so far. It is a lot of D.I.Y.'s, and the Christmas ones have looked fab! I should try them out, but Christmas is tomorrow and I'm afraid of being killed by last minute shoppers and turkeys who are running from their looming deaths.
  9. Fashion Novel (no longer active) - I love this blog! I am subscribed, like 2-3 times on bloglovin', GFC and email or something. The person who writes it, Sophie, has a really unique writing style and her blog is super professional!
I think that those are all of the blogs that I really wanted to honour this year!

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention Rachel!
    I also love A beautiful Mess' blog too!

    Mollie /// The Fashion Of Craft


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