NaNoWriMo Day, What, Five?

November 05, 2014

G'day mes amis! (That is French for friends!)

So basically I am writing this as Microsoft Word has just crashed on my laptop and I had nothing much to do apart from write. So now I am blogging!
I now have 5,504 words, which is a lot better, but still a lot behind. The NaNo website says that I will finish on what? December *d-d-doo... just checking...* December the 16th? That's pretty bad isn't it...
And by the way I feel as if I haven't actually posted anything apart from stuff about NaNo, so I have a couple of posts coming up, so watch this space...
I am gonna start writing again, so byee!

*35 minutes later*

So Word was saved... by me obviously hehehe. I just did my own half hour word sprint and did roughly 750 words. I used a prompt which completely doesn't match my story line but its not like I care.
My overall for Day 5 is...
So no, I am not ahead yet, but I will be soon, so please keep reading and I will keep updating, see you soon!
Rachel x

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