My Not-So-Technical October TBR

October 07, 2014


Today my title inclines that I will have a TBR, so I guess I will.
You may know this, but I do take out all of my books from a library (maybe one day I will do a shelf tour, but it is mainly children's books I don't want to get rid of)
So I have a whole load of books on order which I am not sure when I will get but this month so you know I will do a review on every single one I read!

So these are the books that I currently have at the moment;
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour- Page 182
Animal Farm- Page 15
Usborne True Stories- The First World War

Also got The Ultimate Teen Book Guide out for some recommendations.

I would also like to read;
A Boy Called Hope- Lara Williamson
Black Ice- Becca Fitzpatrick (Booksplosion Book of the Month)

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